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The CreArt Dual Exhibition "Borders?" opens the 7th March in Museo Patio Herreriano (Valladolid)

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CreArt has selected the two projects for the first CreArt Dual Exhibition, “¿Borders?”: the installation “transitable horizons” of the German artist Bettina Geisselmann, resident in Valladolid, and the video “Where is home” of the Croatian Ana Kovačić. The Dual Exhibition is curated by the cultural manager and curator Naiara Valdano, and will be presented the 7th March in the Patio Herreriano Museum.  “¿Fronteras?” pretens to reflect about the concept of borders, especially in the Europe of today: What do they deem a border to be in this continent? How should we treat them? What types of borders are the most dangerous? How do these affect individuals and their way of connecting with the world? How do first-class or second-class citizens deal with them? How can we live in a continent that is increasingly open and, at the same time, more closed than ever?

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