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CreArt Open Call

Artist in Residence in Aveiro | Portugal 2024

Prisma Festival. Art, Light, Tech

Aveiro invites 2 artists from the CreArt Network to work in Aveiro AiR, between September 26th up to October 11th, curated by the artistic directorate of Prisma Festival. Art, Light, Tech.

Artists accepted

Aveiro will receive two [2] visual artists to work on digital arts in the scoop of Prisma Festival. Art, Light, Tech and as part of the Aveiro’ Tech Week.

During the residency, the artists will have a diversified cultural program, which will aim to widen their knowledge about the region and the Prisma Festival in collaboration with professionals. Moreover, the artists will have the opportunity to attend the Tech Week activities, and to experience the Prisma Festival organization and artists networking.

The participants will be offered all conditions to get inspired by the Aveiro region and the projects will be developed under the topic of different elements of the territory specificities and the local identity such as the lagoon, the water canals, the Art Nouveau heritage, the salt production, or the Aveiro’ historic neighborhoods.

The final works created will be presented to the public in the 2025 Prisma Festival edition, as part of the program.

Who can apply?

The AiR is open to local artists – born or resident – in any of the cities taking part in the CreArt | Network of Cities for Artistic Creation: Artkomas, Kaunas [Lithuania]; Aveiro [Portugal]; Valladolid [Spain]; České Budějovice [Czech Republic]; Clermont-Ferrand and Rouen [France]; members of HDLU [Croatia]; Lublin [Poland]; Liepaja [Latvia]]; artists from Ukraine through Lviv Artistic Council “Dialogue” [Ukraine]; Oulu [Finland]; Regensburg [Germany]; Skopje [North Macedonia], and Venezia [Italy].

Preference is given to artists with experience or education/training in digital arts. There is no age limitation. In case of the applicants without university level, proof of equivalent ability must be provided through his/her artistic career.

Conditions and stipend

The organization will cover production costs [up to 500€] and will pay a grant of 1.050€ to each artist for travel and subsistence, and other expenses.

The artists must have a European health card or equivalent.

Studio and accommodation will be provide by the organization in the city center of Aveiro.

The artists will work at Atlas Aveiro | Fernando Távora Building. – coworking rooms. 

Aveiro AiR | CreArt programme

_Aveiro will provide a curator to guide the artists in their work as well as to install in the city and which will organize events to introduce the artists in the local artist’s community, promoting the possibility for the CreArt artists to present their work.

_The two selected artists will develop their proposals with a curatorial assistance before starting the residency to define, mature and adequate the projects.

_The final public presentation of the works created during the residency will take place in the Prisma Festival 2025, as part of the program.

_The artists are committed to attend daily and work in the residence. A final report must be produced at the end.

_Part of the works produced must remain in Aveiro and will be part of the Museums of Aveiro Contemporary Art Collection.


Are you interested?


ID or passport (scanned copy);

A short version of your resume/CV [one A4]

Documentation material recent and related to the project, with technical specifications [maximum e examples of representative artworks, 5 pages and 5 pictures. links can be included];

A short written project proposal [one A4].This document should also contain a list of technical needs and other relevant technical details, which can help the organization to understand the project.

Artists need to register on the CreArt website and upload their portfolio:

Only applications with complete information will be accepted. The applications must be submitted before June 7th, 2024. Aveiro will inform of the results until June 14th. The shortlist will be published in the CreArt website.

If you have any problem to complete the application form please send the portfolio in PDF to  

The participation in this call implies the acceptance of these bases, and the artists selected should include a reference of in all their future communications that have been selected to participate in the CreArt Artists in Residence program, in Aveiro  - project co-funded by the European Union – Creative Europe program.

About Aveiro

Located in the center of Portugal [halfway of Porto and Coimbra], by the sea, Aveiro is one of the major cities of the country. Nowadays its relevance and increasing number of inhabitants comes from the presence of the University [founded in 1973] and from the industries and companies operating in the technological areas, as well as from the improvement of the harbour facilities, seen as an important gateway to Europe and a strategic point to international trade.

Aveiro is also placed by the central national railway which contributes to the easy traveling to everywhere in the country. All types of services are available and there are several hotels and restaurants, as well as sports and cultural facilities to serve the population and the visitors. Museums, a municipal theater, a congress center and a large number of culture associations and culture agents [CCI] create the pleasant and dynamic cultural atmosphere of the city, highlighted by the canals festival and, mainly, the International Biennial of Artistic Ceramics [since 1989]. Encompassing the cultural dynamics, Aveiro has been announced as the first Portuguese Capital of Culture, in 2024.

A city full of history, of several former monasteries, baroque churches, Art Nouveau facades, colored tile panels and with a long tradition in ceramics, fishing [including the famous codfish] and salt production, Aveiro is also known by the 15th century Portuguese princess Joana who chose to live, became nun and is buried in Aveiro [her tomb is a masterpiece of Portuguese baroque]. Blessed since 1693 and motive of deep religious devotion of the community she is the saint patron of Aveiro. Side by side with the city’ long history, is the university campus, a complete catalogue of the Portuguese contemporary architecture design by renowned architects such as the Pritzker’s awarded Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto Moura. 

The weather conditions are pleasant, on both summer and winter, and the brightness provided by the large lagoon and the ocean brings a special glow to the city and the buildings colors.

The beaches around Aveiro [Barra, Costa Nova and São Jacinto] are a main holiday center for people from center Portugal and Spain [Salamanca, Valladolid, Ciudad Rodrigo]. Barra’ beach is also a significant spots for surfing all entire year. Besides that, the lagoon [European protected area – Natura 2000 network] attracts a large number of visitors and researchers to appreciate and study the landscape and the biodiversity [mainly the birds]. The saltpans still producing according to artisanal methods are one of the major local touristic attractions. Art Nouveau heritage is becoming a significant cultural attraction too [it is part of the Art Nouveau European Cultural Route], side by side with the moliceiro’ boats and the street art produced by local and national artists.

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