CreArt 3.0

CreArt 3.0 is currently a matrix composed by 13 European medium-sized cities that works from 2012 exchanging experiences and good practices to foster Contemporary art, through a permanent transnational mobility program for emerging artists, curators and cultural agents, in order to maximise the economic, social & cultural contribution that creativity can make to their local communities. Our consolidated network have recently applied for the Creative Europe call to start a new chapter: we would #pushboundaries beyond the visual arts, reinforcing other artistic practices such as performative arts or music, and we also cross our own borders, by starting a new cooperation with an NGO based in Lviv in order to support the training & professionalization of Ukrainian artists.

Our general methodology is based on establishing sort of an umbrella for all of the initiatives in all the different partner cities around 4 strategic axes:
Coordination: Management, Communication Plan and Conferences
Participation: EU Month of Creativity, Street Art projects, Educational programs
Cooperation: AiRs, Festivals, Mapping of creative resources.
Mentoring: Capacity Building local Seminars, Grants for Culture-led initiatives.

This methodology will translate into the following briefing of cultural actions and exchange activities that would be develope between 2024-2026:

  • 45 AiRs in 15 European cities
  • More than 39 public events to celebrate the European Month of Creativity in 13 cities from the Network (plus the cities and organizations that will join)
  • 13 Educational programs to enhance creativity and knowledge about Contemporary Arts.
  • 18 Street Art Festivals and 10 Annual Festivals in galleries in 9 cities
  • 6 European Conferences and study visits and 39 local capacity buildings in 13 cities


  • Spain: Valladolid (Fundación Municipal de Cultura) - leader of the project
  • Portugal: Aveiro (Municipality)
  • Poland: Lublin (Municipality)
  • Croatia: HDLU-Zagreb (Croatian Association of Fine Artists)
  • North Macedonia: Skopje (Municipality)
  • Lithuania: Artkomas-Kaunas (Cultural institution funded by Municipality)
  • France: Rouen and Clermont-Ferrand (Municipalities).
  • Italy: Venice (Municipality)
  • Latvia: Liepaja (City Council)
  • Czech Republic: Budweis 2028- Ceske Budejovice (Public organization)
  • Finland: Oulu (Municipality)
  • Germany: Regensburg (Municipality)

Associated partners

  • Atelierhaus Salzamt (Linz)
  • Bluecoat (Liverpool)
  • Hafenkombinat (Lepizig)
  • Artists Council Dialogue (Lviv)