The CreArt project has launched the annual celebration of the European Day of Artistic Creativity, which will take place on March 21st in all the cities under the “Network of Cities for Artistic Creation”, and in the cities and institutions across Europe wanting to join our initiative.

“As members of the CreArt project, we are aware of the importance of promoting creativity as one of the basic elements of individual development and of the creation of a European identity. Our objective is to celebrate one day a year, and at a European level, artistic creativity in all Europe, with open activities in museums, public and private cultural institutions, visual arts centres, art schools, galleries, schools, etc.

We would also like to witness artists and public interaction in these centres and cities, communicating through the language of art and creativity. The European Day for Artistic Creativity will also become the springboard for new, original and necessary ideas, aimed at the general public, professionals and institutions”.

In this website you will find a long list of activities and you can choose which one/s you will carry out and the way in which to do this. The origin of this new and original initiative is to promote a broad concept of creativity, stating that it can be found in fields so different as visual, audiovisual or corporal arts, as well as technological innovation or social leadership. One of the main goals that this event attempts to pursue is to prove that creativity is an attitude, a skill present in the human being, which can be implanted, stimulated and enriched by means of a huge variety of strategies.