European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2021


SEEKING THE ABSOLUTE Future Artist art action

City Katowice
Country Poland
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SEEKING THE ABSOLUTE. Future Artist art action

Campaign idea: Ewa Kokot

Artists and partner locations:

Anna Krasnodębska-Okręglicka / Pałac Młodzieży youth culture centre in Katowice

Piotr Lutyński / BWA (Art Exhibitions Bureau) Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice

Tomasz Okręglicki / seat of the Arteria Association in Katowice

Magdalena Sołtysik / Municipal Kindergarten No. 35 in Katowice


A series of actions within the campaign (including painting, photography, sculpture and happening) drawing on the universal values and founded on the belief that being a part of a larger whole gives one a sense of harmony and happiness - one starts to notice how everything around is reborn and changes, remaining permanent at the same time. As part of the project, four Katowice artists and children participating in the Future Artist program will provide an artistic answer to the question about the nature of the universe and our place in it. By their activity, the artists and children wish to remind us that sometimes it is enough to look at the stars to gain a different perspective towards reality. They want to make us aware of the fragility of life as compared to the In almost fourteen billion years of the existence of the universe. Finally, they would like to make the viewers of the campaign ask themselves what is important in their life, which matters they had better give up on and which ones give their existence meaning.


Caution! Due to the pandemic restrictions, it is not possible to join the action. However, we encourage you to observe the actions undertaken by the artists and the children in the course of the project. Please keep a safe distance (appr. 1.5 meters) and put on a mask covering your mouth and nose. Thank you for your understanding.




Time and place: March 19, between 9.00 - 14.00, the seat of the Arteria Association

Participants: mentally handicapped adults - protégés of the Arteria Association

As part of the action, an artistic installation will be created, alluding to the fact that everything which surrounds us is a part of a larger whole. It will take the form of an object combined of smaller, identically shaped and radially arranged elements.

Tomasz Okręglicki - painter, graphic artist, teacher and set designer. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, an art studio instructor at the Occupational Therapy Workshop of the Arteria Association in Katowice.



Time and place: March 19, Municipal Kindergarten No. 35 in Katowice

Participants: preschool children from older kindergarten groups (5-6 years old)

As part of the class, the children will create origami space ships containing messages for other civilisations, which will then be launched into the sky.

Magdalena Sołtysik - visual artist, instructor of the Polish Origami Association. A graduate of the State Higher School of Visual Arts and the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź (Faculty of Humanities - Art therapy), certified teacher at the Pałac Młodzieży youth culture centre.



Time and place: March 20, at 11.00 - 14.00, Graphics Studio / courtyard of the Pałac Młodzieży youth culture centre in Katowice.

Participants: children and teenagers attending in the Mixed Media classes at the Studio of Fine Arts of the Pałac Młodzieży youth culture centre in Katowice.

As part of the action, a symbolic painterly and graphical composition will be created, depicting the universe and the mutual relations within it. The action aims to show that "everything is part of one whole and no one is an island ".

Anna Krasnodębska-Okręglicka - a graduate of the Graphics Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Katowice branch, educator, oligophrenopedagogue. For the last 10 years, she has run an interdisciplinary Art Studio at the Śląskie Centrum Edukacji i Rehabilitacji (Silesian Centre for Education and Rehabilitation), Arteria Association, operating for the benefit of adults with intellectual disabilities.



Time and place: March 20, at 13.00, BWA (Art Exhibitions Bureau) Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice

As part of the performance entitled  "Multidimensionality" Piotr Lutyński will perform, for the first time, an original piece for violin dedicated to Kazimierz Malewicz, entitled "The Hidden Dimension" and will give a lecture on art, science, the spiritual world and their relationships. 

Piotr Lutyński (b. 1962) - painter, sculptor, author of actions, installations, objects and drawings, musician. He graduated from the Pedagogy and Arts Department of the Silesian University branch in Cieszyn. He gives interdisciplinary sound and visual performances with the use of animals juxtaposed with painterly compositions, sculptures, poetry and music.

Criatividade artística em tempo de Primavera

Criatividade artística em tempo de Primavera

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European Day of Artistic Creativity | 21st March 2021

Aveiro | Program" style="color:blue; text-decoration:underline">" style="color:blue; text-decoration:underline">" style="color:blue; text-decoration:underline">


Aveiro joins the European Day of Artistic Creativity presenting two initiatives aimed to all audiences and which, due to the pandemic context, will have a digital format, with streaming through the Facebook pages of the Museum of the City and the CreArt and the Municipal Library.

Counting with the collaboration of Aveiro Sketchers, the two workshops explore creativity through the practice of drawing and painting or using origami techniques, always in a playful spirit that invites to join the family.


1) Pintar e Brincar sempre! | Always painting and playing!

10:30 [Portugal Time]

Artist | Maria Matina, Aveiro Sketchers

Audience target | Families, all ages

Maria Matina, educator and artist, brings to CreArt a proposal of freedom, creativity and play. In this workshop for all ages, the idea is to create freely and without worries, alone or as a family, and take the time to have fun and doodle freely while listening to music. After dancing with the pencil on paper, we will shape the doodles and create images, look for meanings and to create a story, with lightness and lots of fun. The goal is that the participants finish the workshop ready to create and have fun with few resources and a lot of imagination… always painting and playing!


Material needed: Paper and drawing material of your choice (colored pencils, crayons, markers, paints, or others). It is also good to have toys, fabrics or other things nearby that help to inspire, create and tell stories at the end of the meeting.


2) Primavera de papel | Paper’ Spring

16:00 [Portugal Time]

Artist | Ana Catarina Maio, Aveiro Sketchers

Audience target | teenagers and adults


Origami is a traditional Japanese art of creating figures through paper folding, following a strict sequence of rules and proportions, which opens the door to an endless number of creative possibilities. The challenge of this workshop is the composition of a small branch of cherry blossom and a suggestion of exposure, through the combination of origami with various techniques, such as watercolor and collage by layers. Inspired by the rebirth of nature and spring we will explore life, emotion and sensitivity in origami and, through this art, build a scenario, tell a story and create our paper’ Spring. Let's fold?



Material needed

For origami: - 8 square sheets (9x9cm) of white paper (80g printer paper or similar).

For the composition: - 2 white A4 sheets of thicker paper (carton paper, kraft or watercolor paper); - Reused cardboard (from cereal box, or corrugated cardboard); - Watercolor or gouache (with brush, water and paint dilution container); - 1 branch or small branch of a tree or bush, preferably already dry; - Cotton thread and needle; - 1 cork stopper; - Scissors, x-act; - Glue (tube or hot glue); - Pencil, eraser, ruler, compass.


To celebrate this day and also evoking the World Poetry Day, on Friday 19th March, will open the exhibition “Poetry in rotation” at Atlas Aveiro.

It brings together about 150 vinyl record covers of poetry by great Portuguese and foreign poets such as Alexandre O'Neill, António Gedeão, Ary dos Santos, Bocage, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Daniel Filipe, Eugénio de Andrade, Fernando Pessoa, Florbela Espanca, José Gomes Ferreira, José Régio, Lorca, Manuel Alegre, Manuel Bandeira, Miguel Torga, Natália Correia, Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath, Victor Hugo, Vinicius de Moraes.

The covers of the patent discs are by José Rodrigues, Fernando Aroso, José Luís Tinoco, Nuno Calvet, among other artists

The exhibition, curated by Luiz Humberto Marcos, results from the cooperation agreement signed in 2015 between CMAveiro | Museums of Aveiro and the Museu Nacional da Imprensa. It can be visited until April 30th at the Atlas Aveiro building, complying with all safety standards in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.




Sesión de Cine CreaVA 21

Sesión de Cine CreaVA 21

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Este año recuperamos las sesiones audiovisuales -en los cines Broadway- que fueron aplazadas en 2020, de la mano del Cineclub Casablanca. Contaremos con los cineastas vallisoletanos Iván Sáinz-Pardo reivindicando el papel de las mujeres en el cine y con Pedro del Río, que presenta una selección de creaciones audiovisuales rodadas en Valladolid.

Iván Sáinz-Pardo
Mujeres de cine

Pedro del Río
Made in Valladolid

Organizaremos 2 sesiones a las 17 y 19:30h. La entrada es libre y el aforo es restringido.

Murales colaborativos CreaVA 21

Murales colaborativos CreaVA 21

Is it necessary to book? No

Como novedad este año dentro de CreaVA21, los centros educativos con formación en Arte de la ciudad, Escuela de Arte y Superior de C.R.B.C de Valladolid y Escuela Superior de Diseño ESI, realizarán cada uno, un mural colaborativo. Los diseños serán realizados por estudiantes de cada centro, coordinados por los profesores: 
Rosa Rico Fernández. Escuela de Arte y Superior de C.R.B.C de Valladolid
Cinta Arribas. Escuela Superior de Diseño ESI
Los murales se realizarán entre el 22 y 24 de marzo, en el espacio de la terraza del Espacio Joven Norte, a modo de Galería de Arte Urbana. 




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Within the framework of the EU project CreArt, Croatian Association of Fine Artists will once again mark this year’s European day of artistic creativity on March 22, by implementing the project entitled Art as Therapy.

In recent years, we have begun to rediscover the benefits of visual and creative expression for personal growth, self-expression, transformation and achieving well-being. Many people have noticed that visual expression can have calming effects and reduce stress, help release strong, disturbing and conflicting emotions, recover from traumatic events and experiences, give meaning to the often-confusing world around us and even help eliminate some physical symptoms of our illnesses.

Following these efforts, the Croatian Association of Fine Artists as the project holder has implemented the project “Art as Therapy“ in collaboration with partner institutions and associations: Svitanje Association – the Association for the Protection and Promotion of Mental Health in Zagreb and “Sveti Ivan“ Psychiatric Hospital in Zagreb. Mercedes Bratoš, MA and Ivan Barun, M.D., MFA from “Sveti Ivan“ Psychiatric Hospital in Zagreb have acted as project managers, and Tara Beata Racz, M. Psych., Koraljka Kovač, MFA from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb and Natalie Kasap Kozarac, MFA, have participated in the project as workshop managers. The project has also included Croatian artists with the necessary education, experience and sensitivity needed to work with people with mental and psychological difficulties.

The aim of the “Art as Therapy“ project is, through creative and expressive art workshops organised in the above associations and institutions, to enable the participants to express themselves artistically and emotionally in a structured and moderated creative process.

Furthermore, with the final exhibition of the project titled “Art as Therapy“ at the Karas Gallery from 16 to 22 March 2021, this project raises the awareness of the public on the importance of therapeutic effects of art, as well as on the broad possibilities of its application. It also works on the destigmatisation of people who, for a shorter or longer time, were the users of these associations and institutions. Each of the above artists designed and held one art therapy workshop according to their own sensibility, and this project, along with the works of the workshop participants, also presents the approach and method of work of the workshop managers.

The works created at these therapeutic and emotionally expressive workshops are not just bold testimonies of individuals in their specific situations and with their specific problems. They also speak of something much broader, of what is also a part of our human experience, only if we are sensitive and brave enough to face our own inner emotional world. With their directness, sensibility, emotional freedom and by being unburdened with expression, they face us directly or quietly sneak up on us to speak to us and to ask us about our fears and dreams, losses and victories, confusions and decisions, the need to be ourselves and the need to belong, and in the end, the need to love and be loved in return.     

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

“New Beginnings” Merseyside Polonia online project for the European Day of Artistic Creativity from 21.03.2021 till 11.04.2021 with access to: INSPIRE - digital artwork gallery, LEARN - tutorial videos and CREATE presenting participants’ art designs.

Who is it for? Children, teenagers, adults, older people
Timetable 21.03.2021 - 11.04.2021
Institution / Organization Merseyside Polonia
Address 151 Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2AH
City Liverpool
Country United Kingdom
Telephone 0044 (0) 151 237 2674
Entry Free
Is it necessary to book? No
Document 60476a7b0c9c9.pdf

The eggs were always treasured by many cultures as a symbol of fertility, new life and rebirth and as such, often beautifully decorated. From naturally dyed ones displayed at the Dove Cottage in the Lake District echoing old English traditions, through the colourful folk paper craft of Polish “pisanki” to richly ornate Fabergé Eggs and hundreds of artistic ideas in between across many different countries!

As Europe and the world goes through a global crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, New Beginnings project offers a creative reflection on what we long for during those challenging times.

To assure the safety of participants, the project will be presented online and therefore accessible to people regardless of where they are based.

European Day of Artistic Creativity will be an opportunity for everybody to transform their homes into the creative studios following the steps of INSPIRE, LEARN and CREATE.



Local Liverpool based Polish artists will share their work and application of various decorating techniques to stimulate creative ideas.

The artwork inspired by traditional and contemporary methods will be presented in a form of digital art gallery.



The New Beginning project will give an opportunity for participants to try new creative techniques. As part of the project, Merseyside Polonia will record and present simple step by step processes using art materials as well as natural ones. The tutorial videos will focus on visual description to reach wider audience and make it more accessible. 



The project will offer a participatory experience. It will be open to people of any age, for younger children with assistance of their parents or guardians. The New Beginning project will encourage a reflection on what’s missing from people’s lives at the time of the pandemic and what they long for and dream to happen after the crisis is over. Everybody taking part will be able to share their creation with others to be displayed on the project’s page at the digital gallery.



New Beginning online project will be launched on Sunday, 21st March 2021 to coincide with the European Day of Artistic Creativity and stay active till Sunday, 11th April 2021. During that time, there will be access to all parts of the project: INSPIRE with the digital artwork gallery, LEARN recommending tutorial videos and CREATE presenting participants’ art designs.

Programación Especial Museo de la Ciencia

Programación Especial Museo de la Ciencia

Is it necessary to book? No

Programa de Planetario ‘Noche estrellada en el Museo’

Sesión que invita a disfrutar del firmamento estrellado y a reflexionar, desde una perspectiva interdisciplinar, sobre las conexiones invisibles entre la ciencia y el arte.

De esta forma, el programa muestra, entre otros aspectos,  algunos ejemplos de obras de arte que incorporan elementos relacionados con la Astronomía, además de distintas secuencias del cielo y del movimiento de los astros.

  • Lugar: Planetario
  • Hora: dos sesiones, a las 12 y 13:30 h
  • Precio: 4 €


Exposición ‘Músicaconciencia’

Una propuesta cuyo objetivo es mostrar la relación entre la música y la ciencia. Durante el recorrido, los visitantes encontrarán paneles informativos con explicaciones claras y sencillas; un centenar de instrumentos musicales, entre los que se incluyen algunos tan desconocidos como el bulbul taran, el hulusi o el kamanche; y una veintena de variados experimentos que permitirán observar el efecto de las pulsaciones en las cuerdas, ver cómo el sonido hace vibrar unas copas cantarinas o ensayar una melodía en un conjunto de botellas de agua.

  • Lugar: Sala L/90º
  • Hora: de 11 a 19 h
  • Precio: general de 2 € y de 1 € para los beneficiarios de la modalidad reducida


Día europeo de la creación artística

Día europeo de la creación artística

Meninas ofrece la visión particular del autor, obra versionada por numerosos artistas, si bien lo que aquí se pretende es una innovación de formas, texturas y colores.

Who is it for? todos los públicos
Institution / Organization Creart/ Valladolid
Address Pº Isabel La Católica- 24
City Valladolid
Country Spain
Telephone 678320868
Entry free
Is it necessary to book? Yes
Document 603f774814ef4.jpg

El autor se caracteriza por plasmar su obra bajo una técnica mixta, expresionismo abstracto cargado de creatividad y colorido, con un estilo personalísimo e inconfundible. Intuición, vigor y elegancia en un marco incomparable, una muestra que no pasará inadvertida a los ojos del espectador.

Mostra Immagini Immaginari /MUST Museo LECCE

Mostra Immagini Immaginari /MUST Museo LECCE

Is it necessary to book? No

Comune di Lecce will present the CreArt Dual Exhibition "Immagini Immaginari" from 21st March at the  MUST Museo Storico Città di Lecce. The Exhibition curated by Artistic coordinator Lorenzo Madero, will present the works by Niccolò Masini (Genoa) + Marcello Nitti Paintings (Lecce)

CONCEPT: What value does the image within the work of art have today? Many contemporary artists have returned to the themes of painting, drawing on the imagery of the history of art and life. Painting is an artistic genre that continues to belong to the contemporary: we would like to investigate it, through a double exhibition of two young people linked to the CreArt network. We are very interested in research related to drawing and those that focus on the human body and its declinations.

CURATOR: Lorenzo Madaro (1986) is curator of contemporary art and professor of History of Art and Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce. After his master's degree in art history, he obtained a second level master's in Museology, Museography and Cultural Heritage Management at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. He is an art critic of the Roman edition of "La Repubblica" and collaborates with Robinson and Artribune. Among the recent exhibitions curated, "Silent, I retire to paint a picture" (Galleria Fabbri, Milan, 2019); "Twentieth century in Italy. From De Chirico to Fontana" (Castello di Otranto, 2018); "To Keep At Bay" (Galleria Bianconi, Milan 2018); "Hygroscopic spaces" (Galleria Bianconi, Milan 2017); "Mario Schifano and Italian Pop Art" (Castello Carlo V, Lecce, 2017); "Edoardo De Candia Amo Odio Oro" (Monumental complex of San Francesco della Scarpa, Lecce, 2017); "Natalino Round Space N Dimensional" (Galleria Davide Gallo, Milan, 2017); "Andy Warhol and Maria Mulas" (Castello Carlo V, Lecce 2016). He is artistic director of the European CreArt project. Network of cities for artistic creation for the Municipality of Lecce.


Niccolò Masini is an Italian multidisciplinary artist and illustrator. Masini’s artworks lay in the realm of narrative and craft, but also poetry and anthropology. It guides both its creator and audience through an engaging narrative of methods, voices, views, and perspectives. Questioning the fundamentals and the hidden rules the concept of  « culture », he draws his inspiration from literature, history, folklore, psychoanalysis, religion, anthropology or even simply daily life experiences. Practicing on three continents, his work has been exhibited internationally in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Korea, England, and Japan. Winner of numerous international prizes, competitions, and residencies, in 2018 he was awarded as the Best Young Artist Of The Year (Painting & Sculpture) by the GAMMA competition and GM conference of Tokyo. To date, he lives and works between Genoa and Montréal.

Marcello Nitti was born in Taranto (Italy) in 1988. In 2007, after graduating at the "Lisippo" Art High School, he enrolls at Lecce Fine Arts Academy, where he can grow his interest in figurativism. After completing the Bachelor Degree, he begins studying painting on his own. Moving from an in-depth analysis of the technical and formal facets of painting tradition, he embarks himself in the constant search and in the development of a personal poetics.



Is it necessary to book? No

Muy contentos de anunciar que para esta nueva edición regresa nuestra sesión de cine en colaboración con Cine Club Casablanca, que se quedó en el tintero el año pasado. Será el lunes 22 por la tarde en Cines Broadway, de la mano de los creadores vallisoletanos Pedro del Río e Iván Sainz Pardo.

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