European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2021


New Beginnings

New Beginnings

“New Beginnings” Merseyside Polonia online project for the European Day of Artistic Creativity from 21.03.2021 till 11.04.2021 with access to: INSPIRE - digital artwork gallery, LEARN - tutorial videos and CREATE presenting participants’ art designs.

Who is it for? Children, teenagers, adults, older people
Timetable 21.03.2021 - 11.04.2021
Institution / Organization Merseyside Polonia
Address 151 Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2AH
City Liverpool
Country United Kingdom
Telephone 0044 (0) 151 237 2674
Entry Free
Is it necessary to book? No
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The eggs were always treasured by many cultures as a symbol of fertility, new life and rebirth and as such, often beautifully decorated. From naturally dyed ones displayed at the Dove Cottage in the Lake District echoing old English traditions, through the colourful folk paper craft of Polish “pisanki” to richly ornate Fabergé Eggs and hundreds of artistic ideas in between across many different countries!

As Europe and the world goes through a global crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, New Beginnings project offers a creative reflection on what we long for during those challenging times.

To assure the safety of participants, the project will be presented online and therefore accessible to people regardless of where they are based.

European Day of Artistic Creativity will be an opportunity for everybody to transform their homes into the creative studios following the steps of INSPIRE, LEARN and CREATE.



Local Liverpool based Polish artists will share their work and application of various decorating techniques to stimulate creative ideas.

The artwork inspired by traditional and contemporary methods will be presented in a form of digital art gallery.



The New Beginning project will give an opportunity for participants to try new creative techniques. As part of the project, Merseyside Polonia will record and present simple step by step processes using art materials as well as natural ones. The tutorial videos will focus on visual description to reach wider audience and make it more accessible. 



The project will offer a participatory experience. It will be open to people of any age, for younger children with assistance of their parents or guardians. The New Beginning project will encourage a reflection on what’s missing from people’s lives at the time of the pandemic and what they long for and dream to happen after the crisis is over. Everybody taking part will be able to share their creation with others to be displayed on the project’s page at the digital gallery.



New Beginning online project will be launched on Sunday, 21st March 2021 to coincide with the European Day of Artistic Creativity and stay active till Sunday, 11th April 2021. During that time, there will be access to all parts of the project: INSPIRE with the digital artwork gallery, LEARN recommending tutorial videos and CREATE presenting participants’ art designs.