European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2021


EU Day of Artistic Creativity in Lublin

EU Day of Artistic Creativity in Lublin

Institution / Organization Gmina Lublin / Galeria Labirynt
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The European Days of Artistic Creativity 2021 is an interdisciplinary event addressed to Lublin city dwellers. The aim of the project is to build a space for creative expression.

This year’s edition combines various areas of creativity and elements of a social campaign. Ahead of us are dance and sound events, a performance combined with mail art action, a DJ concert and an exhibition in a virtual space.

The European Days of Artistic Creativity are organised by the Culture Department of the City of Lublin as part of the “CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation” with financial support from the European Commission under the “Creative Europe” programme. 

Galeria Labirynt is the content partner of the project.



27/03, at 7:00 p.m. – Gently Running Through | Bożna Wydrowska, Filip Kijowski, toutesmaginique

#techno #dance #voguing #artgallery #offline #online

Gently Running Through is a unique sound and dance event that is going to take place in the space of a contemporary art gallery. Electronic sounds are going to be mixed with contemporary and vogue dance. For the first time in history, Bożna Wydrowska, Filip Kijowski and toutestmagnifique are going to join their forces to create a merger that crosses the boundaries of disciplines. Different styles, sounds, movements and emotions are going to give the event an unpredictable expression of cooperation between people who have met just recently.


The audiovisual performance is going to take place at Galeria Labirynt and it is going to be broadcast live on social media.


27/03, at 9:00 p.m. – densienie

#set #dj #online

A DJ set realised as a live broadcast on social media. Densienie is a friendly DJ project by toutestmagnifique and Proxytm, authors of a monthly program on Radio Kapitał, co-authors of which are invited audio and/or visual artists. As part of the programme, the authors play and compose electronic music, explore various sound areas, and, under favorable circumstances, also organise their own series of events called densienie. The birthplace of the collective is Galeria Labirynt, where the first event in the series took place in May 2019. Graphic designers, Ania Jeglorz and Zuza Kruk, are responsible for the visual design of the event.

The set is going to be broadcast live on the social media of Galeria Labirynt.


28/03–01/04/2021 – Pink Satin | Thai Flowers duo
 #offline #performance #mailart #city

“Pink Satin” is a mail art action and performative activities that are going to take place in the streets of Lublin. You are going to be able to meet the artists at the Lublin Bus Station, the Old Town, in the Saski Garden, in Galeria Labirynt and at the Juliusz Słowacki housing complex as well as in the Za Cukrownią neighbourhood. The duo’s identification sign is going to be chameleon costumes.

Thai Flowers, i.e. Barbara Gryka and Filip Kijowski, are going to be traveling round the city to collect positive emotions from people they meet. During the action, you are going to be able to talk to the artists and paint or write down your feelings on a large piece of fabric. Its surface is going to be filled up more and more throughout the performance.

On the basis of the collected materials, Thai Flowers are going to create postcards full of good words and pictures, which are going to be given to residents of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Lublin Nursing Home. Due to the pandemic, these people were completely cut off from the outside world. By reaching them through the mail art, the Thai Flowers duo is going to show that we support them with good words in this difficult situation.

We invite everyone, regardless of age, to participate in the action.

03/04/2021 | Opening of the virtual CreArt exhibition at VRChat
 #online #VR #steam #exhibition #art

Virtual exhibition presented in VRChat, an internet social platform for creating virtual worlds. The exhibition gives the opportunity to move to the digital exhibition hall of Galeria Labirynt in Lublin via digital avatars. Therefore, it is going to be possible to view the exhibition with several people without leaving home. Visiting the exhibition in this way resembles a computer game and gives the possibility of interaction between people met in the digital space.

The action is a continuation of last year’s exhibition “A Bear’s Dream”. In this year’s edition of the project, the exhibition is going to present in particular spatial works.

Access to the VRChat platform is possible for all people with computers with the Microsoft Windows system.