Member of Lithuanian Artists Union, Master of Painting, residence in Kaunas, Lithuania, actively creating, painting, participating in visual Art events,
exhibitions, using different art techniques, experiments, being interested in researches of nature, biocentrism, and ecological problems.

Inspired by the creative power of nature, through my artworks I try to draw attention to interactions between civilization, culture, and natural environment, existential issues, cultural values. I also investigate the archetype understanding of the Tree in Baltic culture, analyzing the images of the World Tree, its archetype, meaning, symbolic image, as well as the appearance of bio-centric approach in contemporary art and culture. In the ancient Baltic world, where biocentric attitudes to the environment prevailed and man was perceived as a part of nature, not a ruler, trees were not only objects of nature as they are narrowly understood in the modern world, but mediators, the gateway to eternity. By disclosing of a bio-centric view, it is also sought to develop a sustainable approach to the environment. The emphasis is on the metaphysical meaning of objects of nature, latent manifestations of biocentrism in art, and the contemporary rethinking of our day values.

1990-1994 Kaunas Art School.
2018 – 2021 - Master degree in Painting Program Studies in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas
Faculty, Painting Department, Research theme From Metaphysics to Biocentric Approach: Tree
From 2021- member of Lithuanian Artists‘ Association.

1. 2014 February - personal Exhibition “The Return” in Kaunas Oriental Culture Center "Wudang Tao", Lithuania;
2. 2014 October - personal painting Exhibition “Music of Colours” Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations;
3. 2014 m. November - personal Exhibition in Kaunas "Wudang Tao";
4. 2015 January - September - personal painting Exhibition in Vilnius Attorney Association, Lithuania;
5. 2015 March- personal Exhibition in Kaunas Castle;
6. 2015 October- personal Exhibition in Kaunas Old city Club;
7. 2015 October-December- personal Exhibition “Deep Breath” in Museum of Lithuanian Education History;
8. 2016 February- personal painting Exhibition “Reflection” in Kaunas Castle;
9. 2016 April-May- personal Exhibition “Relax” in Pakuonis, Prienų distr., Lithuania;
10. 2016 September-October- personal Exhibition in Kaunas City Museum, Music history department;
11. 2017 January – February- personal Exhibition in Kaunas City Museum, Traditional Music history department;
12. 2017 June- personal Exhibition in Kaunas Šilainiai Library;
13. 2017 October- personal Exhibition in Kaunas Oriental Culture Center "Wudang Tao”;
14. 2017 December- personal Exhibition “Seasons” in Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations, Lithuania;
15. 2019 March- April- virtual personal Exhibition „ Tree Metaphysics“ in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty, PA Gallery;
16. 2019 April-May- personal Exhibition „Trees“ in Gallery of Birštonas Kurhaus, Lithuania;
17. 2019 April- personal Exhibition „Rapsody of Trees“ in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty;
18. 2019 July-August- personal Exhibition “Life of Trees” in Kaunas Šilainiai Library.
19. 2020 January -February- personal Exhibition “Trees” in Kaunas State Philharmonic.
20. 2020 February- personal Exhibition “From Tree Metaphysics to Biocentrism” Gallery of Vilnius Academy of Arts
Kauno faculty, Muitinės st. 4, Kaunas;
21. 2020 May- virtual personal Exhibition „The Beehive and Biocentrism“ in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty, PA Gallery
22. 2020 m. April virtual exhibition in facebook „Not cancelled openings“ – paintings in carantine period.