Luka Tomić, originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, born in 1995 in Germany is a multimedia artist from Zagreb, Croatia. In the year 2023 he acquired his bachelor degree at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb at the New media and animation department. Since 2020 he is part of HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Artists) and in the year 2024 he is becoming part of HZSU (Croatian Freelance Artists Association).
His artistic expression is embodied through the media of drawing, illustration, street art, tattooing printmaking, performance, instalation and land art.
In the year 2024 he exhibited a solo multimedia pop-up exhibition “:3” and in 2022 he had his first solo exhibition/happening “+SICANJE+” in the Karas gallery within the Karas Art Hub platform. In the same year he was part of a group exhibition in the SC gallery named “Second dimension” in Zagreb with his spatial instalation “Akaša”. He also participated in the “Postcolonial pilgramage & Points of resistance” project (2021) which resulted with a group exhibition in the Schau Fenster galerry in Berlin and in 2020 with the Art in the Community project: Redefining Heritage of the Association of Artists “Zemlja” with a group exhibition in the Canvas galery in Zagreb, in the Pallas Projects/Studios in Dublin and in Hlebine(Croatia) in the Museum of Naïve art. He also
participated on many Croatian and Bosnian street art projects.