Xumorrow is a Chinese-born, Portuguese-based artist. Her work emerges in the interdisciplinary space of photography, conceptual art, and social practice. She has created a diverse body of artwork that explores urbanity via media of photography etc.

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Communication and Arts and major in Contemporary Artistic Creation, University of Aveiro
24th Feb 2017 Mycillium, Porto, Portugal
19th Jan -17th Feb 2017 121 & 1 International Short Silent Film, Haifa, Israel
Oct 2016 IV Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland, Romania
26th April 2016 I Itinerant Assembly, Berlin, Germany 1st April 2016 at DE LICEIRAS 18: SHIP OF FOOLS, Porto, Portugal
4th – 14th June 2015 Praxis e Poiesis: 1.2.9, Museum of Aveiro, Portugal.
16th – 19th April 2015 Invited participant at artistic residence, São Pedro do Sul, Portugal.