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The CreArt curators Committee has selected the following artists for the Residence program in Atelierhaus Salzamt in June. Congratulations! 

TIAGO MARGAÇA (Aveiro, 1981)

Tiago Margaça is native of Aveiro (Portugal), musician and Artist, at the age of 9 started his first works with ceramic and with 12 started to play the electric bass. His first try with oil paint and wood carving during his high school years, already reveled the need for plastic creation. His academic journey, begins in 2004, studying sculpture at the ESAD (Caldas da Rainha) University, participated in his first stone sculpture symposium at Simpetra 2004. Before he graduated he Won the third edition of the Ariane de Rothschild 2007 painting prize. On 2008 he is Resident artist in London Slade School of Arts, and makes a mural for the Lisbon Gothe Institute. After he graduated he decides to go to Berlin to learn how to develop analogue film and starts a seven month internship at ANDEC, where he worked for 8 years. While working in the lab he collected and developed extended work in super8, 16mm and 35mmn and on 2016 he shows his film work in Berlin and Lisbon. During this Berlin phase he concentrated his efforts on video art and music, where he founded Musgos, a project that combines music and analogue visuals that can be defined by arrhythmic and dissonant sound landscapes. Since 2019 he returned to his home town, made art residencies and art shows from stone sculpture, to installation, cinema festivals and concerts. Finished in 2022 the master in contemporary artistic creation at Universidade de Aveiro, currently with his studio at Aveiro’s Gulbenkian, his day to day work focuses on seeing his art practices as a dialogue with matter.

ELISA RODRIGUEZ (Valladolid, 1988) 

A constant regard to nature, the reappropriation of the public space and the search of the remote spectator are common concerns in her work. Following the idea of
the detail as a fundamental piece, her practice has led her to develop a deep interest in art as a tool for social change. Her latest movements revolve around art
education, working on the development of didactic content for the Museo Nacional de Escultura and the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art Patio Herreriano (Valladolid,

2014 – 2015: Darmasiswa Scholarship, "Indonesian Institute of the Arts" (Yogyakarta).
2012 – 2014: Painting MA Program, "Vilnius Academy of Arts" (Lithuania).
2009 – 2010: Erasmus Program, "École des Beaux-Arts de Paris" (France).
2006 – 2012: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

2021_"No hacer nada", CocoCafé, Valladolid.
2019_"Sabandijas", PerForo, Valladolid.
2018_"Política de Privacidad", Espacio Joven, Valladolid.
2017_"sin logo", La Gran gallery, Valladolid.
2016_"Billboards as free thinking
space", Calderón Theatre, Valladolid.

2023_Curatorial Project: "Solo Dibujo", for Belén González. Museo del Vino, Peñafiel
2022_Multidisciplinary performance "Viaje Sensorial", 11 Filas, Valladolid.
2020_"Arte Mayor 44", Marietta Negueruela, Palencia.
2019_"PICNIC", Nexo990, Monzón de Campos.
2018_"Dvylika Puslapių", Ars et Mundus, Kaunas (Lituania).
2017_Curatorial Street Art Project "Ocho por Tres".

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