Anna Jane Houghton Is an Illustrator and Print Maker based in Liverpool drawing influence from music of the 1970s, haute couture campaigns, the 'motel' aesthetic and beatnik literature; her illustrative style combines graphic forms and autumnal tones, amongst plant-life and mid-century interiors, housing feminine figures and judicious animals.Anna is also a practice-led researcher and artist working with Sound and Print mediums. Anna holds a distinction in Masters Level Sound Art Research; situating the use of lexicon and sonorous objects as an event in the realm of contemporary curatorial and artistic practice. Her research sets out to challenge and dissect the conventions of sonic artwork, partnered with the poetics of materials and the sensitivity of space. 



MRes (Master of Research) Art and Design 
2018- 2019
Liverpool John Moores University
Bachelor of Arts/ Fine Art
1st Class Honours
Liverpool John Moores University

Graduate Residency 2017-2018 
The Royal Standard
Graduate Residency 2018
CBS Gallery
Susan Cotton Travel Bursary 2019 Liverpool John Moores University

Exhibition and Performance
An Imagined Museum Tate Liverpool / February 2016!
Electric guitar and vocal soundscape of Walid Raad’s Secrets in The Open Sea / 5 minutes! Simultaneous contrasts Exhibition Research Lab / LJMU/ April 2016
Static Womb/ Sound and sculpture installation
Tunnel Vision 
Williamson Tunnels/ May 2016
Divers Strange/ Three piece electric guitar and vocal performance / 6 minutes 
Triptych / 
Cain’s Brewery / January 2017 
Tumultuous/ Speakers enclosed in free standing sculpture 
Residue / We The North/ April 2017 
A Goat in El Cotillo/ Concrete and copper wire sculptures accompanied by a dialogue with a goat/ 3 minutes
Degree Show 
Liverpool John Moores University/ May 2017
A Goat in El Cotillo Triptych

A Liverpool Bestiary / Palacete Del Embarcadero, Santander /September 2018! 7 layer silk screen print on paper!
A Liverpool Bestiary / 
ATINER ISBN conference, Athens / June 2018 !
7 layer silk screen print on paper

She Loves Plants / Oval Space, Hackney, London / March 2019 / Large scale illustrations 
Curatorial Projects

Tremolo/ October 2017!
Eye Siriya Siriyanon / Anna Houghton ! Sound Bending Sculptural Installation ! Apex / December 2017 
Liverpool Artists Collective 
Layered performances/ 2 Hours 
23 / 
February 2018 
Ode To Burroughs 
Painting and metronome sound installation 





-Sound art: