2013 – 2014 David Savage School of Fine Furniture
A year long course studying fine furniture making and the process of design.
2005 – 2008 University of Manchester
Upper Second Class Honours in History of Modern Art

Courses Completed
2019 - ‘Wild Ceramics’ course (1 weekend)
2010 - Taxidermy course (1 weekend)
2010 - Book binding course (1 month)
2009 and 2010 - Intensive Prosthetics for Film and TV course (1 month)
2008 - 120 hour TEFL course qualification

Relevant Experience
2019 Feb - April. Volunteer with Innovando La Tradición
Working with this collective, I got to see how they are working with local makers to
ensure traditions and knowledge is not lost and that they can continue creating
pieces for a changing market. I worked in a slip casting studio making small
mezcaleros and with an artisan who made her own clay and did wood firings
outside. I was able to participate in the monthly ceramicist gatherings - an exchange
of knowledge and skills where up to 40 ceramicists would attend.
2017 Aug - 2019 Jan. Ceramicist at Granby Workshop
As a small team we created tableware, tiles, handles and lampshades. I am capable
of completing these products from start to finish. I am confident in using the ram
press and the pug mill and troubleshooting and fixing any problems. I can slip cast,
mix and wedge clay, mix colours and load kilns. I used various clean up techniques
on the different products to remove seams and blemishes ready for firing.
2015 - Present. Self Employed Cabinet Maker
I take on numerous and varied furniture making jobs, in which I meet clients, design
the piece, send quotes, source materials and handcraft the work myself. I
create installations and shows for festivals, city centres and venue spaces. I also
design and fit workshops and kitchens for commercial and non commercial
2015 Nov - Dec. Freelance Puppet Maker at The Lantern Company, Liverpool
I worked on the creation of giant puppets and sets, working with plastazote,
bamboo and fabric to be used in installations and street parades.
2010 May. Farming, Sweden
Living within an Amish community, I learned how to drive working horses in order to
plough fields. As there was little electricity, I learned about being self sufficient -
growing my own food and using animals in place of modern machinery.
2009 May - July. Artist Assistant for John von Bergen, Berlin
As part of a small team, I took silicone moulds from a table saw and then
manipulated them into strange unrecognisable forms. We worked with fibre glass
and different plaster casting techniques.
2008 Sept - Jan. Scenic Artist at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
I was set to work on creating the bits of scenery no one really notices such as the
floor slabs or bricks on a wall. This meant consciously taking note of everyday
surroundings and being able to bring the details (colours, textures, bird poo!) into my
set painting.