Anto. Milotta / Zlatolin Donchev

Solo Exhibitions

2019 - “Eufemia”, curated by Anna Daneri, Genoa - Italy.

2018 - “Monumentvm” curated by ARTECO (for Nesxt independent art festival) at Docks Dora - Laboratorio di restauro Koinè, Torino - Italy. 2018 - “Sólo quienes sueñan pueden mover montañas” curated by Massimo Scaringella at Italian Institute for Culture, Lima - Peru.

2018 - “Green Observatory” curated by Boarder Crossing (collateral event for Manifesta 12), at Project room of Spazio Y, Palermo - Italy.

2017 - “Climasensible” with text by Massimo Palazzi, at Sala Dogana Palazzo Ducale, Genoa - Italy.

2017 - “Naturally artificial” curated by Ginevra D’Oria at Project room Museum of contemporary art Villa Croce, Genoa - Italy.

2017 - “Antennae” installation curated by Lori Adragna and Valeria Valenza at Tenuta la favola, Val di Noto (SR) - Italy.



            Collective exhibitions

2017 - “Visao Expandida” biennial of Curitiba, curated by Massimo Scaringella at            MON - Museu Oscar Niemeyer de Curitiba, Brasil.

2017 - “Refresh f5” (Scheduled September), curated by Consulta dell’Accademia             Ligustica di Belle Arti, at Villa Rossi, Sestri Ponente (GE).

2017 - “Paesaggi in movimento”, curated by Anna Daneri and Ettore Favini at Antico      Palazzo Comunale, Saluzzo (CN)

2017 - “Antennae” audio composition, curated by Lori Adragna and Valeria Valenza at    C.U.M.O. Noto (SR).

2015 - “Elettra” exhibition of finalist projects at Yacht club Genova.

2015 - “Open academy” curated by Pietro Millefiore, Museum of Ligustic Academy of    fine arts Genova.

2014 - “Open academy” curated by Simona Barbera, Tecnological campus of Ligustic     Academy of fine arts Genova.

2013 - “Svelamenti” curated by the Festival dell’Eccellenza al Femminile, Palazzo            Spinola Genova.



2016 - “Art test festival” workshop with Alberto Barberis, curated by DisorderDrama,      Museum of contemporary arts Villa Croce Genova.

2014 - “The sound identity of places” - workshop/residence with Dick Rijken e Tijs         Ham (STEIM Amsterdam) at Perugia academy of fine arts.

2014 - “From theatrical tournée to antropological expeditions” seminar with Marco De     Marinis, Museo dell’attore Genova.



2017 - “Antennae” film screening, curated by BridgeArt, at GNAM National Gallery of   Modern and contemporary Art, Roma.

2015 - “Monumentvm” film screening, curated by Marmeria Studio and Duplex Ride,      Sala Dogana Genova.

2014 - “Sostenibilità DIY - do it yourself!” round table discussion on “Art and      inovation,” conference hall of Ligustic academy of fine arts Genova.



2017 - “Ā-Cache” project selected for CreArt Atelierhaus Salzamt residency, Linz            Austria.

2017 - “Care” project selected in the shortlist for 4th Crystal Ruth Bell Residency program, Beijing, China.

2017 - “Non esistono le 4 stagioni” selected for the exhibition “Paesaggi in movimento”   open-call and winner of Matteo Olivero award for emerging contemporary art.

2017 - “Parabola” project in competition for the V edition of MERU Art*Science award   at GAMeC Bergamo.

2017 - “Only the dreamers whoever move mountains” successful Crowdfunding   compaign for project production.

2016 - “Antennae” winner of Bridge Art residency program Fully_grounding;       presentation of the project at MACRO Roma.

2016 - “Antennae - experimental field recording” audio track selected for Ricomporre il   paesaggio compilation, curated by Mimema.

2015 - “Onda” winner of the Elettra open-call, curated by Yacht club Genova.

2014 - “Sentire3” winner of the workshop/residency The sound identity of places,            curated by Perugia fine arts academy.


2017 - “CreArt” at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz Austria.

2017 - “The revolution of the gaze: inside the visible to grasp the invisible” with   mentors Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio and guest Luigi Fassi, at UNIDEE   Cittadellarte Foundation Pistoletto, Biella.

2017 - “Only the dreamers whoever move mountains” in collaboration with Arianna         Spanò at CAAAP (Centro Amazónico de Antropología y Aplicación Práctica),            Perù.

2017 - “Relianza” at Tenuta la favola BridgeArt, Val di Noto (SR).

2014 - “The sound identity of places” at Academy of fine arts, Perugia.


            Research programs

2017 - “Only the dreamers whoever move mountains” with Arianna Spanò;

            in collaboration with Tommaso Francillo from Utrecht University of           Netherlands; at La Restinga - Iquitos (Perù), CAAAP (Centro Amazónico de        Antropología y Aplicación Práctica).

2017 - “Antennae” in collaboration with Renato Romero ( and OPERA        (Permanent Observatory of Radiosismic Emissions);

            at INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics, Noto) and ERO (Etna Radio Observatory, Catania).



2017 - ArtVerona, 13th edition of art project fair: Viaggio in Italia #backtoitaly.

2017 - Start/Saluzzo Arte for 39th edition of Matteo Olivero award “Paesaggi in    movimento”.



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