Benedetta Del Coco (1994. Lecce, Italy)


  • 2013: Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce
  • 2017-Now: Art therapy Artedo
  • 2020: Master's degree in visual arts in Academy of Fine Arts. Graduated with 110 cum laude



  • Good communication skills acquired during the years of training
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with adults and children acquired with i art therapy workshops
  • Excellent learning skills
  • Skills in the arts and helping relationships

Shows and Exhibitions: 

Solo shows

  • 2018: Presso Casabella Arredamenti. Curata da Giammichele Arrivo. Presentazione curata da Valerio Tambone
  • 2018: Multiverso. Presso NVMEN Gallery
  • 2021: 'Blu stasi'. The Zone. Curata da Valeria Gaetani e Roberto Lacarbonara

Group shows

  • 2018: Presso Ex Conservatorio Sant'anna
  • 2018: Presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce
  • 2018: Arte Escape. Presso Palazzo Zenobio
  • 2018: 'space-landscape interaction' installation performance intervention. 
  • 2019: AD AREA DOMUS. Curata da Giammichele Arrivo
  • 2019: 'National Art Award' Presso l'Accademia Albertina
  • 2020: Presso Ride. Curata da Carlo Tozzi e Nooshin Zokaie


  • The artistic language plays between painting, drawing and installation where the sign serves as a common denominator to all creative experiences. Archaic signs and primitives that refer to an inner visual imaginary, generated by a processual stream of consciousness transcribed as a form of automatism psychic. The gesture and the 'writing' is the affirmation of a present, an act of introspection flanked by a sober balancing chromatism symbolically the whole composition