Born in Skopje 1976. Educated at the School for Applied Arts and the Faculty of Fine Arts’ painting department at the University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje
(graduated 2001). Employed as a senior conservator-restorator at the Laboratory for conservation and restoration of paintings within the National Conservation Centre –
Skopje. Also working as freelance graphic designer for publications. Active member of the National Committee of ICOM.

Participated in numerous exhibitions, art colonies, professional seminars and presentations in the Republic of North Macedonia and abroad: Skopje (1994-2001|
2010-12), Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2001- 02), Kumanovo (2002), Struga, (2006), Bitola (2008), London, UK (2013), to name few. Most recent artistic projects are the
series of conceptually linked, ‘work in progress’ exhibitions “Language of the Wall” (Old Hammam – Tetovo, 2017), “Asemic Schreiben” (Vienna, Austria, 2018 | Skopje,
2019) and “INIT” (Kumanovo, 2018 | Skopje, 2019 - announced).