Graduated in Fine Art by the University Complutense of Madrid in 1986
-2004 First prize LEXMARK photography competition endowed with 6,000 Euros
-2017-18. "Wood Skin". Javier Román Gallery. In December in Malaga.
-2017. "Wood Skin". Exhibition Hall of the Theatre Zorrilla. Valladolid-2016. "Beauties of the world." Broadway Theatre Hall. Valladolid.
-2013. "Portrait of a Woman without a title." The toy store. Madrid.
-2012. "The Look." Exhibition Hall of Pedrajas de San Esteban. Valladolid-2011.
-2012. "The Look" Space Gallery 36-Angel Almeida. Zamora
-2011. "I closed my eyes to see". Museum of the Music and Cinema Theatre of Lithuania Vilnius.
-2011. "I closed my eyes to see". History of Communications Museum. Kaunas. Lithuania
-2010. "I've closed my eyes to see." Municipal Exhibition Hall of the Theatre Calderón. Valladolid.
-2007. "Goddesses and Queens." Caracol Gallery. Valladolid.
-2017. Luxembourg ART Fair. Fire Internationale D´art contemporain, with the gallery Javier Román of Málaga
-2017. Collective exhibition "Art Fund" gallery Espacio 36. Angel Almeida. Zamora.
-2017. Group exhibition. Rafael Art Gallery. Valladolid
-2016. "Art in the summer Time". Espacio Gallery 36-Angel Almeida. Zamora
-2016. "Night of the Stars." Javier Román Gallery. Málaga
-2015. "Painting Cinema" Mexico. Guadalajara. Army Museum.
-2015. "With the veil in Sail," St. Teresa of Jesus. Public Library of Zamora.
-2013. "Instituto Núñez de Arce, 80 years of history". Pimentel Palace. Valladolid-2011 and 2009. Selected for the X ACOR Painting prize. Valladolid. Municipal Exhibition Hall of the Teatro Calderón. Valladolid