Katrin K. Radovani (1986., Split, Croatia) graduated in 2018, receiving her MA in Painting (class of Professor Ksenija Turčić) with the Award from the Academic Council for the best student.

Her diploma work “What. We. Haven’t. Told. You. Act I: The Red Dress” won the 1st Award given by the Centre for Women’s Studies as the best student work, and it was awarded by the Academic Council. During her studies, she has won three Rector’s Awards of University of Zagreb: in 2015 and 2018 for group projects “Madame Bauffalt and SKICA – student magazine, and in 2018 for self-produced project UMMA – Art Mom: series of art workshops for single mothers of Children’s Home, Nazorova.

She has exhibited in various exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, such as Gallery Račić “Pasija” (2017, 2018), Impact Hub “Dreams & Visions” (2018), Gallery Shira “Venientes – 34th Youth Salon” (2018), ULS “21st Miniatures” (2018), Shed in Eisenwerk, Switzerland “Withdraw – Into the Mountains” (as part of the project “Into the mountains”) (2018), Home of HDLU – Gallery Bacva “Into the mountains” (2019), Croatian Biennial of Painting (2019) and most recently “Untitled 5” at Baumwolle Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany.

She is one of the founding members of “KolektiW“,  a three-female-artists group. Their performance “Sramota!” (“Shame!”) has been selected for the main programme of 7DS, Pazin, 2018 and Anima Mundi Festival, Venice Biennale, 2019.

During 2018/2019, she has moved to Leipzig, Germany, to work as a coordinator of HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Artists) Residency in Leipzig and a project assistant for the “De/Construction of Image” international art project.

During this time, she was also the assistant curator to Mark Gisbourne and the coordinator of “The Leipzig Connection” international exhibition of the Leipzig School painters (Zagreb, Croatia, 2019) and the assistant curator for “Known Uknowns”, the exhibition of Croatian A.i.R in Leipzig, Germany, 2019.

She is the selected artists for A.I.R in Kaunas, Lithuania (in preparation for 2020) and Cité Internationale, Paris, France (in preparation for November-December 2020).

She lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.


Web: http://kkradovani.com/home/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katrin.k.radovani/?hl=es