We are two French artists from Rouen: Lizponio and FkIt!. We began to paste up our work in the public space in spring ‘18. Since then, we have pasted up artworks in various
cities in Normandy, but also abroad: in cities such as Pragua, Lisboa, Bruxelles, Berlin, but also in the UK, especially in Brighton.

We met through an art collective in Rouen: Lizponio comes from a Fine arts education as she studied in the Rouen School of Arts ; while FktIt! grew up with the Hip Hop culture which led him at a young age to the graffiti world. We both paste up our own visuals downtown, Lizponio’s work refers to the animal kingdom, and FkIt! works on the Asian world and imagery. Furthermore, we answered various open call for artists in Rouen: Thêatre de l’Etincelle (Group of three public theatres in Rouen), Festival Lucien (an electronic music festival taking place each year in Rouen from May to September).

We also work on dual projects: especially the Ponio Project which was our first collaboration. This project articulates around the concepts of propaganda and portrays Ponio
as a dictator. For this project we printed in our studio a wide range of linocut prints that we pasted up downtown in the same way political parties would do. This project then evolved in an exhibition that we presented in four acts all year long in 2020. To do so, we did a graphic research around four universe: Urban, Psyche, Cubist, and Pop-Culture.

This summer, we collaborated on various mural projects: especially in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (suburbs of Rouen). As part of the festival La Ville en Couleur (The City in Colours), we painted three murals on the ground: The first one with bright colours is located in front of the train station (+++) ; the second one at the Bois du Val l’Abbé (Val l’Abbbé Woods) represents animals escaping the forest ; the last one in the heart of the commercial district of the city (painted with the artist Prisme) represents carps swimming out of a well.

As part of the artistic jam Just Do It, organised aside of the Rouen Impressionée festival (which is part of Normandie Impressionniste 2020), we painted two murals : the first one is based on our Ponio Project; while the second one is a mixture of our two universes, quite similar to the project we present here. These were our two first murals integrally painted with sprays. Indeed, we usually paint with brushes and paint rollers. Following these projects, we have an increased desire to continue our collaboration,
specifically by implementing actions on the urban space.