Magdalena Maria Franczak was born in Pulawy, Poland, 1978.

2004 Mater degree in painting (Nicolai Coperni cs University, Torun).

1998 Diploma in puppetry (Art Gymnasium, Naleczow).


2017 Scholarship of Mayor of Lublin (Make yourself at home project).

2016 Scholarship of Mayor Lublin (Nomadic Studio project).

2014 Scholarship Ministry of Culture and Heritage (Ice Palace project).

2011 Scholarship of Marshal of Pomerania Region (Hairy Candies proyect)

Solo exhibitions:

2017 Zadomowienie, public area, Lublin (Poland).

2017 People and objects, site specific, Lublin (Poland).

2016 Nomadic studio, site specific, Lublin (Poland).

2016 Luxury of discomfort, BWA Katowice (Poland), curator: Marta Lisok.

2015 Sen o mostach przyprószonych śniegiem, Galeria Manhattan, Łódź (Poland).

2014 Descent, site specific, Galeria Labirynth, Lublin (Poland).

2012 Blowup, mixed media, Galeria Biala, Lublin (Poland).

2012 Hairy candies, mixed media, Mieszkanie Gepperta, Wrocław (Poland).

2012 Twilight, mixed media, BWA Gallery, Zielona Gora (Poland).

2012 Hairy candies, mixed media, Galeria 81stopni, Warsaw (Poland).

2011 Home, mixed media, Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Slupsk (Poland).

2011 Hairy candies, mixed media, Lentz's Willa, Szczecin (Poland).

2011 Hairy candies, mixed media, Galeria im. Slendzinskich, Bialystok (Poland).

Group Exhibitions:

2017 A day when nothing happened (duo with Yael Frank), Art Cube Artists Studios, Jerusalem (Israel), curator - Maayan Sheleff.

2016 Mit geistern leben (duo with Monika Konieczna), Mieszkaine Gepperta, Wrocław (Poland).

2016 Lucid dream, White Gallery, Lublin (Poland).

2015 Keeping Both Feet on the Ground, BWA Katowice and BWA Tarnów (Poland), curator - Marta Lisok.

2015 Hideout, Labirynth Gallery, Lublin (Poland).

2014 Messenger, Night Activities, festiwal in public area, BWA Katowice (Poland), curator - Marta Lisok.

2014 Folium Stramonii, Art Review Survival, Wrocław (Poland), curator - Magdalena Zięba.

2014 Paper schelters, Mieszkanie Gepperta (duo with Yael Frank), Wrocław (Poland), curator - Ania Stec.

2014 The Ice is melting Ms Frankczak (duo with Yael Frank), Zachęta Project Room, Warsaw (Poland), curator - Magda Kardasz.

2013 Genealogies of work, Arsenal City Gallery, Poznan, (Poland).

2012 Sweet sickness, BWA, Tarnow (Poland).

2011 Plica, installation with artist Iza Tarasewicz, Interdisciplinary Gallery, Slupsk (Poland).

2009 Secrets/Views, Faule Bricke, Gdansk (Poland).

2009 Hairy candies, installation, Interdisciplinary Gallery, Slupsk (Poland).

2008 Warriors of love, Flensburg (Germany).

2008 Secrets/Views, CSW Laznia, Gdansk (Poland).

2007 Secrets/Views, Partnership project, Flensburg (Germany).

Cooperation within art projects:

2015 Six Verbs Movement, installation in public area, with Ludomir Franczak, Lublin (Poland), curator - Yaelle Wisznicki Levi.

2009 Pattern project, fashion installation, Powiekszenie, Warsaw (Poland).

2009 Under the bed, dance performance with Ula Saxicka and photos of Michael Ackermann, Slupsk (Poland).

2009 Handle with care, street perfomance, International Festival of Street theaters, Arkhangelsk (Russia).