Mario Romoda was born 15.04.1987 in Vukovar . He grew up on the island Krk where he attended elementary school . School of Applied Arts , Textile and Design writes and ends in Osijek . In Zagreb in 2006 he decide direction in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts . He graduated in the class of Zoltan Novak 2012. After his schooling, his work is embedded in various experimental solutions that lead to a problem of survival issues such as life polemics and painting itself. So far he has had 6 solo exhibitions and many recognized collections. He has been rewarded and recognized many times by critics and audiences. He lives and works in Zagreb.


September 06/ February 12 - Title of qualification awarded: Master of painting. Academy of Fine Arts ( HUMANITIES ) Ilica 85 , 10000Zagreb(Croatia).


- First place in Osijek in 2004 . Generational Award for the third year at the national level.

- The first place at the national level to contest homes " Domijada 2004"-

- First place at the national level to contest homes " Domijada 2005.

- Best student in the first year of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.

- Best student in the third year of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.

- First place in the " Biennial of Student Drawings " in Belgrade.

- Best work at the Academy of Fine Arts Year 2011.

- Nominated for the best thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts, 2012.

Solo exhibits:

 - Golden Ajngel, "Necessary things" 2012 Varaždin.

- Greta, "Nightwatrchers", 2015, Zagreb.

- HDLU, "Observers", 2016 year, Zagreb.

- Flora, "Keepers", 2016, Dubrovnik.

- Pikto, "Survivors", 2016 Zagreb.

- Siva, "Patent", 2018, Zagreb.

Group Exhibitions:

- Cafe-gallery Magis, Osijek 2003.

- Zagreb Gallery Society of Architects, 2008.

- Marisall Gallery, exhibition of self-portraits, 2008, Zagreb.

- Gallery student center in Belgrade, 2009.

- The new yard, Miniatures, 2013, Zapresic .

- The new yard, Miniatures, 2015, Zapresic.

- Antisalon, 2016, Zagreb.

- Bienalle of painting, Zagreb, 2018.