Genova, Italy

Currently lives and works between Genoa and Venice

The roots of my research have unwittingly taken ground when I was a child facing the challenges arising from having a complex family unit made up of nomadic seasonal workers and erratic anarchists. Various social and intellectual paradigms, at various degrees of hostility, have triggered a survival system based on an unbridled use of reveries and temporary escapes from reality. The tools I use for each work never fail to take off from an initial interrogation of the abyss, where personal and collective forces hide. The first step is an archaeological dig of the self, wishing for far-away instructions, finding a numen, a medicine to bring to the matter and to the thought behind the work. For this reason I don’t use a particular medium but I rely on subconscious appearances that may then belong to the public and that translate into various visual, audio and material languages. The addressed topics emerge with an urgency, they depend on hearing the dreamlike voice of nearby existences that manifest an emotional collage of biographic experiences, deeply rooted in the current politic and social situation that belongs to us. I love to create gestures that, similar to systemic fractures, affect and interrupt the logics of taming and social conditioning in which the viewer, like me, is immersed. I try to use little non-religious rituals to strengthen those bridges that boundaries, margins, borders often weaken, to connect the outer world with the inner one, the I with the otherness, the conscious space with the subconscious one. Working on thresholds gives me the impression to be able to stay in a limbo that is somewhat distant from the mechanisms of art and its production chain that captures, standardizes and often exploits everything. In my ongoing work, I’d like to be able to silently pose this question in each one of my works: are there any perceptive intervals of radicalism and genuineness that have a social impact in the systems that are internal and external to art?