I am a media artist, critic and curator, Professor of arts at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania. I am quite an active artist and curator who is looking for new
possibilities in cooperating with galleries and museums. It would be a pleasure for me to take part in seminar and increase my curatorship competencies which could be applied in future group exhibitions, festivals and academic job. I have quite a big interest in the curatorship of contemporary art exhibition which could impact on European cities, presents progressive and visionary focuses on interdisciplinary relations and changes of culture, arts, society and creativity. Thus, the possibility to take part in seminar will provide a new and important demarcation lines between local or global art conditions. New knowledges could help me to contextualizate artistic production, identify different types of exhibitions, artist’s groups, etc.

I would like to shortly present myself and introduce my curator, artistic and academic activities. I defended my doctoral thesis in the Humanities (Art Criticism) in 2014. Since
2002, I have held 50 solo exhibitions in Lithuania and 5 solo exhibitions abroad (all the exhibition’s was curated by my); besides, I have taught subjects of media art,
technologies art criticism and curatorship in Lithuanian and foreign universities. Within 2005 – 2015, I published 337 critical articles on the subjects of contemporary art
practices and management, media culture and creative industries; from 2008 to 2016 I acted as an art critic for the international visual arts festival ‘Art in the Old Lithuanian
Manors’ in Lithuania, and take part as a curator in the ‘CreArt’ partner’s ‘Artkomas’ "3