Sigitas Staniunas (Kaunas, 1965), is a visual artist who works in the fields of painting, installation and performance. He graduated from the Kaunas Art School in 1985 and later, he continued his Fine Arts Studies at the University of Vilnius. He is known for combining the social and historical aspects of intercultural communication with the ideas of cultural heritage, development and progress. The multi-layered oil painting, created with the techniques of the ancient European masters but inspired by elements of Asian culture and art, makes his work unique. His work of art links spiritual, idealistic and symbolic elements of images and colors with the historical and psychological context. During the course of a career spanning more than 20 years, Sigitas Staniunas has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland, Finland, USA. UU., Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan and other countries. Although his usual practice is painting, he also makes specific installations and live performance mixing paint and music.