Born 1987 in Portland, Oregon, United States - Lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand, France

Past temporary resident at the artist association/collective
Les Ateliers, Clermont-Ferrand / april 2016 - march 2017

2010/2013 Master of Fine Arts/Master of Arts -
Painting/History and Theory of Contemporary Art, San Francisco Art Institute,
San Francisco, California, USA
2005/2009 Bachelor of Arts - Studio Art, Lineld College (cum laude),
McMinnville, Oregon, USA

2017 Envers des contours, La Serre, Saint-Etienne, France
2016 Ricomagus, artist association/collective Les Ateliers, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2014 Parcours d’artistes, Les Passerelles, Pontault-Combault, France
2013 Everyday Worlds: Interiors and Exteriors, The De Young Museum, San Francisco, California
2012 Vernissage, SFAI Graduate Exhibition, Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco, California
Crappy Birthday, Swell Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), San Francisco, California
2011 Obsolescenteds, Diego Rivera Gallery, SFAI, San Francisco, California
2010 Une est semblable, un est le même, Centre d’Art - Marnay Art Center, Marnay-sur-Seine, France
Une totalité, Association France / Great Britain, Bourges, France
2009 Echo, Alpern Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Graduate Exhibition, Blacksh Gallery, Portland, Oregon
From the Bridge, The Rake Art Gallery, Portland, Oregon
String Response, Lineld College, McMinnville, Oregon,
(Painting performance with musical ensemble Portland Cello Project)
2008 Forgetting Hesitance, Ford Street Studio Gallery, McMinnville, Oregon
Aquae Sextae: Work from Aix, Lineld Studio Gallery, McMinnville, Oregon
2007 Aquae Sextae: Travaux à Aix, American University Center of Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France
2006 Lineld Juried Exhibition, Lineld College Main Gallery (2nd prize), McMinnville, Oregon

2009 Centre d’Art - Marnay Art Center (CAMAC), Marnay-sur-Seine, France
The Artcroft Foundation, Carlisle, Kentucky, USA
2017 Exhibition grant - La Serre, La Ville de Saint-Étienne
2011 Graduate Grant, San Francisco Art Institute
2010 Fondation Ténot Artist Grant, Centre d’Art - Marnay Art Center (CAMAC)
2009 Juliette Barber French Book Award, Lineld College
2008 Helen Blumenstiel Endowed Scholarship for the Arts, Lineld College
Nancy Stofan Lou Endowed Scholarship for the Arts, Lineld College
James F. Miller Endowed Scholarship for the Arts, Lineld College
2005 Lineld College Competitive Scholarship in Art (1st Place)

Parcours d’artistes 2014, Arts dans la ville, Pontault-Combault, novembre 2014.
Bolot (Xavier), Comment représenter l’action, Paris: L’Harmattan, 2012.
Lou (Nils), The Play Book: Connecting to the creative impulse, Victoria, BC: Traord, 2009.
Wiegan (Lynda), Arts Alive: Interview with Zach Mitlas, MCM Television, McMinnville, 19 mai 2009.

2013 San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), San Francisco, California, USA
Performative Pictures: experience in still life painting as a product of bedeviled temporality.
2010 Centre d’Art - Marnay Art Center (CAMAC), Marnay-sur-Seine, France
L’ignorance de Chevreul: un débat sur la peinture entre Maurice Merleau-Ponty et Philip Ball.

La Maison Verte de Marnay-sur-Seine, France
The Artcroft Foundation, Carlisle, Kentucky