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Coordination team from CreArt partner, Artkomas, is pleased to announce the 4 artists selected for the next Residence in kaunas between 9 May - 16 June: 

Luka Tomic, Zagreb

Gonzalo De Miguel Villa, Valladolid

Lisa Oki, Regensburg

Safina Ksenia, Lviv



Luka Tomić, originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, born in 1995 in Germany is a multimedia artist from Zagreb, Croatia. In the year 2023 he acquired his bachelor degree at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb at the New media and animation department. Since 2020 he is part of HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Artists) and in the year 2024 he is becoming part of HZSU (Croatian Freelance Artists Association).
His artistic expression is embodied through the media of drawing, illustration, street art, tattooing printmaking, performance, instalation and land art.
In the year 2024 he exhibited a solo multimedia pop-up exhibition “:3” and in 2022 he had his first solo exhibition/happening “+SICANJE+” in the Karas gallery within the Karas Art Hub platform. In the same year he was part of a group exhibition in the SC gallery named “Second dimension” in Zagreb with his spatial instalation “Akaša”. He also participated in the “Postcolonial pilgramage & Points of resistance” project (2021) which resulted with a group exhibition in the Schau Fenster galerry in Berlin and in 2020 with the Art in the Community project: Redefining Heritage of the Association of Artists “Zemlja” with a group exhibition in the Canvas galery in Zagreb, in the Pallas Projects/Studios in Dublin and in Hlebine(Croatia) in the Museum of Naïve art. He also
participated on many Croatian and Bosnian street art projects.


Gonzalo de Miguel Villa (Valladolid, 1980) obtained a Master Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca (2011). He presented his first individual exhibition with sculptures at the Río Díez Gallery (Burgos, 2008) and participated in the “Vehemencia” Collective in Espacio Tangente (Center for Contemporary Creation) as "Colectivo Carcoma". He presented 2D animation at the DA2 (Contemporary Museum of Salamanca) (2011). He took advantage of his stay in the United States to leave an Exhibition of Collage in La Crosse (Wis) and an urban intervention in New York and Seattle with the pseudonym PIT Y YAL.

He has been selected on several occasions, such as in the PAUL RICARD competition in Seville and the DIAZ CANEJA Competition in Palencia. His video animations received the Second Prize in Video-art Animations YOUNG CREATORS of Castilla y León (2010), the honorable mention in Video-art SAN MARCOS (Salamanca, 2011) and were selected in the prestigious IKAS ART FAIR (International University Art Fair (Bilbao, 2011) as well as the International Prize for Plastic Arts of Extremadura, O.A. (2012). In 2013, he worked on a retrospective exhibition at FUNDACIÓN CARRIEGOS- La Casona de León. In 2015 he exhibited with the collective JOVENES INQUIETOS in the Sala de LAS FRANCESAS (Valladolid) curated by the JAVIER SILVA Gallery.

He has been selected to exhibit for several years on the CREA VA platform (Valladolid) including CREA VA 2019, curated by EL CARRUSEL Gallery.In 2019, Group exhibition at the third edition of ARTBANCHEL (Madrid) as a guest artist at ESTUDIO CORNER curated by Carlos Cartaxo. Collective exhibition and warehouse work at the BRECHA Gallery in Oviedo. He co-found in 2020 the Art studio, STUDIO HIJO space. In 2020, he was awarded a CreArt scholarship with residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt, (Linz), Austria.

In 2022 he was interviewed and published in the CONTEMPORARY COLLAGE MAGAZINE (CC.) of LONDON and exhibited the same year in the ESPACIO MATRIOSKA from Pontevedra. In 2023 he moves to Madrid and exhibits at the COVINGTON GALLERY. The same year he was selected by PINTA MALASAÑA 2023 and was awarded the FIRST PRIZE -PINTA MALASAÑA 2023 (Madrid).


Illustrator, storyteller and painter from Regensburg. After completing her bachelor's degree in illustration at the HAW Hamburg, she was granted the prestigious MEXT scholarship to study in Japan as a research student at Kyoto Seika University of Art and Design. Her specialty is working with various traditional media, which she uses to create narrative scenes. Her paintings are characterized by a clear color language and detailled work.
2016 Pentiment - Group exhibition, Hamburg, Germany.
2018 „Märchen“ - Group exhibition, Hamburg, Germany.
2019 tapir&klotz Kalender release »Future« - Group exhibition, Hamburg, Germany
2019 „Lovely Republic“ - Group exhibition, Kyoto, Japan.
2019 „Poetic winter“ - Group exhibition, Osaka, Japan.
2023 „islands in the store window“ Farben Eckert Regensburg, Germany
2023 Bavarian pavilion Bologna children’s book fair, Italy


Born in 1988, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Ksenia holds a master’s from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. In 2008, Ksenia was elected to the youth association of the Union of the Artists of Ukraine. From 2012 onwards, she holds membership in the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Born into a family of artists and intellectuals, Ksenia is a promising artist whose works capture the imagination through her resourceful manipulation of themes, borrowing from epics, odes to nature, myths, history, and emotive narrations of the daily lived experience. Despite the richness of metaphors and subtlety that inform her work, they are not cluttered by occult references and retain a youthful and joyful freshness.

In search of an illustrative series, I had the opportunity to combine different images, which often appear as separate parts. The appeal of mythology, folklore, the grotesque, Eastern poetry to me are all reflected in my paintings. I am interested in mixing, melting colors and experiments. In the works with the images of fish, birds intertwined with trees, I capture the experiences of them in this space and time. In my works, I investigate the aspects of the relationship between man, time and space in terms from a philosophical point of view. The difference between languages in my works, however depends on the mood, a variety of symbols, alchemy, and other topics come in shifts… The colors are abstractly defined but has symbolic meanings.

Rethinking the origin of myths and interpretating allegories is also my way of creating. I like to work on the ideas of my own imagination, while using the analogy of photos to execute my ideas with collage, I use art as a mean to convey my imaginations.

To emphasize the “eternal” themes in the work, some works lack very clear and specific characteristics, and the form of works are devoid of symmetry intentionally. I create my works with oil on canvas, mixed media, etching, linocut, graphics and pastel, I also express myself with photography and experimental art. I hope to express the color I have in mind with the multilayers on the works. My everlasting yearning as an artist is to create in the two dimensional world, numerous fantasies and ecstatic universes.


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