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The Cultural Education Program of the EU international project CreArt 3.0 took place from March 1st to April 30th. The program was designed to promote the participation of schoolchildren and youth in cultural life, to get acquainted with different art and culture professions, as well as to strengthen cooperation between Kaunas non-governmental organizations and independent culture and art creators and educational institutions.

During the educational program, over fifty educational and creative workshops for schoolchildren and students took place in different educational institutions in Kaunas. Part of the educational program took place during the Kaunas Spring festival in open spaces of the city. This year’s CreArt 3.0 educational program was truly diverse; a team of educators consisted of representatives of different fields: designer and book illustrator Inga Dagilis, photography artist Juozas Kamenskas, ceramicist Viktorija Radionova, educators Elena Matulaitienė and Inga Binisevičienė, and jeweler Valerija Voinova. More than 1,600 schoolchildren participated in the activities of the program in twenty schools of Kaunas city and during the city Spring festival.




Creative workshop “The world around us” collages from paper scraps collected in the Old Town by educator Inga Dagilė.

Creative workshop “Stop the movement. Portrait”, educator Juozas Kamenskas.


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