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With the exhibition CreArtivci, held at the Karas Gallery from April 30 to May 2, 2024, the first in a series of educational programs within the European project Creart 3.0. was successfully completed.

The work of the students from the 16th Gymnasium, created under the mentorship of the artist Marko Zeman.

The CreArt Educational Program is part of the European project CreArt 3.0 and aims to improve collaboration between local schools, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, and independent professionals and companies in the cultural and creative sectors. The program builds and strengthens intergenerational connections, creates a network for cultural education exchange, and encourages future participation of school children in the cultural life of the city. Over the course of 3 years, the program will involve 76 schools in the partner cities of the project, more than 4,500 students and teachers, and 47 artists. 

This year, HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Artists) has connected its educational program with the 7th Biennial of Painting, which for 14 years has positioned itself as the only national visual arts event dedicated to documenting the scene and shifts in the medium of painting. In its inaugural edition, 6 schools participated (Ivan Merz Elementary School, Matko Laginja Elementary School, Marija Jurić Zagorka Elementary School, XV Gymnasium, XVI Gymnasium, Classical Gymnasium) with more than 120 students and 6 teachers. The program consisted of guided tours through the Biennial of Painting along with an educational booklet with tasks and workshops conducted in schools under the mentorship of artists from the 7th Biennial of Painting, including Natalia Borčić Peuc, Monika Meglić, Valentina Supanz Marinić, Iva Zagoda, Marko Zeman, and Marta Živičnjak.

The work of the students from Dr. Ivan Merz Elementary School, created under the mentorship of the artist Marta Živičnjak (left), and the work of the students from the Classical Gymnasium, created under the mentorship of the artist Mihaela Rašica (right).

Mia Matijević Akrap conceptualized educational booklet under the supervision of the Teaching Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, Prof. Sonja Vuk, Duje Medić designed it, and by early January, the booklets were ready for use, followed by guidet tours for elementary and high school students.


Schools: Matko Laginja elementary school, dr. Ivan Merz elementary school, Marija Jurić Zagorka elementary school, Classical Gymnasium, XV. Gymnasium, XVI. Gymnasium

Artists: Natalia Borčić Peuc, Monika Meglić, Mihaela Rašica, Valentina Supanz Marinić, Marko Zeman, Marta Živičnjak

Professors: Sanja Černko Delerue, Tamara Galović, Anamarija Jukić-Ivandić, Zoran Kakša, Maja Marović, Lahorka Rožić




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