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ONLINE LAB OF AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION FOR VIDEODANCE ATTRAVERSO IL PAESAGGIOCurated by Marco Longo and Alessandra Elettra Badoino (Augenblick), Claudia D’Occhio, Olivia Giovannini (RETE Danzacontempoligure)

8th > 23rd  May 2021 (not continuous)

FuoriFormato – International Festival of contemporary dance and videodance is a review of shows, performances and videodance dedicated to contemporary dance. It is organized by the Municipality of Genoa, curated by Akropolis Theatre, the cultural Association RETE Danzacontempoligure and the cultural Association Augenblick, in collaboration with the Società per Cornigliano Spa, and it will take place in Genoa at Villa Durazzo Bombrini, from Tuesday 29th June till Friday 2nd July 2021.

This review, now in its sixth edition, for the fourth year organizes an intensive lab of audiovisual production for the video dance, Attraverso il paesaggio, curated by Marco Longo and Alessandra Elettra Badoino (Augenblick cultural Association), Claudia D’Occhio and Olivia Giovannini (cultural Association RETE Danzacontempoligure).

The lab is free and it will be ONLINE on a platform that will be communicated form Saturday 8th May till Sunday 23rd May 2021 following a not continuous schedule (illustrated below) made of theoretical meetings on video dance, sessions on project planning and plural creative actions (in compliance with current legislation on health safety and containment of covid 19 epidemy diffusion)


The lab “Attraverso il paesaggio” is open to maximum 10 working groups of participants, resident in Italy that can be made of from 2 to 4 persons. Every group has to be made of a filmmaker candidate (over 18) who is interested to deepen the knowledge of design and realization of a performing movie, and 1 or more work mates choosen among relatives and close friends without any limit of age or obligation on former dance experience, who are willing to commit to participate as a performer in every occasion either online or live sessions.

Filmmaker applicants are not required to have any former experience in videodance production; it will have to be ensured the possibility to carry out independent audiovisual filming with own tools (digital video camaras, reflex, Iphone or smartphone with a minimum video resolution of 1920x1080p) and a good managing of file transfer platforms (WeTransfer).

Every group will participate, together with the others, to different online theoretical sessions moderated by lab tutors who will propose guidelines on the creative approach and on production methodology directed to the realization of a performing film.

Shared story telling principles, together with the different participants’ origin will regulate a series of design sessions with tutors’ suggestions and specific inspiration materials; through them every group (filmmaker and performers) will film its own contribution in a collective dance film whose focus will be the relation between body and look and whose thematic features will be the relation between body and environment. The output , made of different contributions integrated in a final edition, will be presented during and before the dates of Fuori Formato festival.

A group of students from “Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti” of Genoa coordinated by the teacher Ms Sabrina Marzagalli (Artistic anatomy teacher in the Accademia) and Ms Alessandra Cavalli (Cultural Association RETE Danzacontempoligure) will coordinate and dialogue with labs’ participants during some sessions. The outputs of the visual installations curated by students will be combined with the labs’ film outputs during the Festival in Sala Dogana at Palazzo Ducale.  



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