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WHO CAN SAY MORE?” will be presented in the City of Gardens Gallery (Galeria Miasta Ogrodów). The opening of the exhibition will take place on 17 January 2019. The exhibition will be presented until 24 March 2019.


The European project CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic CreAtion), through the Katowice City of Gardens Institution of Culture, opens a new call to invite both local artists from Katowice and artists from the other partner cities taking part in the CreArt project (artists should be born or resident in Valladolid - ES, Genoa and Lecce - IT; Liverpool - UK; Clermont - Ferrand and Rouen FR; Zagreb – HR (member of HDLU); Kaunas -LT; Lublin and Katowice -PL; Aveiro - PT; Skopje – MK) to participate in the exhibition „WHO CAN SAY MORE?” that will be presented in the City of Gardens Gallery (Katowice, Poland).


The organization will cover:

- the production costs of the works of the selected artists.

- the assembly, transportation and insurance costs of the works.

- the costs of dissemination and publicity of the exhibition, including a catalog.

- the travel, lodging and meals expenses for the artist of the selected CreArt Network, on the occasion of the assembly and inauguration of the exhibition.

The two selected artists will receive € 500 NET as fee for their participation.


You should apply on-line in this link and the following documentation is required in one PDF attached:

• scanned copy of id card or passport; if needed certificate of residence

• Short version of CV  (one A4 sheet)

• Brief explanation of the project proposed  (one A4 sheet)

• Graphic documentation related to the project and with the Works that may take part in the exhibition  

Only applications with complete information will be accepted.

It should be submitted before 16 September 2018.


If you have any question you can contact:






The curator will examine each one of the proposals received, studying the quality, the viability and their adaption to the concept of the exhibition.   

CreArt Katowice will notify the artists selected to all applicants by email by 3 October 2018, and the names of the selected artists will be published in the project website.

The Participation in this call implies the acceptance of these bases, and the artists selected should include then in their CV and in all future communications (press, digital media), that they have been selected to participate in the CreArt exhibition „WHO CAN SAY MORE?” in Katowice. CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, project co-funded by the European Union.



We live in a world where each and every aspect of life is publicised, everything is officially announced. Everything is evaluated, everything is discussed, raised toward the sky on the wave of likes and before even Icar's wings touch the sun, he is brutally deprived of them, stripped off feathers, hated and abandoned in the abyss of lack of interest and unpopularity.


We compete for who has a better life – with nicer palms in Egypt, whiter teeth in a selfie, slimmer thighs twisted in all directions in retouched photos. The battle for virtual life, much more valuable than the real one, is being waged.  If you are not present on the Internet, you cease to exist, you're out – so, show as much as possible, give as much as you can, say as much as you can!


We have much to say and the world shrinks irreversibly, leaving no room for so many words. We are flooded by a wave of processed information, full of manipulated content, from the items of news programs to commercial breaks. Giant consortia are fighting for customers, endlessly repeating the same words in various configurations. It is impossible to separate vital information from the chaff. Therefore, we accept both of them without reflection, off guard, adding further meanings and interpretations into the loop of information constantly flowing in from all sides. The quantity of anonymous comments from the "daredevils" hidden behind avatars has won the race with the quality a long time ago. The language form suffers, going through a phase of forced simplification. Hate speech is born. The ease with which you can comment on any topic, significantly impoverishing these topics, is tempting. We are experts and specialists in every area because acquiring superficial knowledge is very easy. On the forum, we impress using hastily acquired phrases whose sense we fail to grasp. And yet we keep speaking, uncritical of ourselves, without a shadow of doubt, we talk, repeat, enounce, recite and declaim.


In the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN encyclopedia I read a definition of "WORD" as a linguistic sign which has a meaning. How many of the words we speak or write fulfill this criterion and aspire to be fully fledged "WORDS"? Guess what conversations would look like if people adhered to this principle and  punishment was meted for any language abuse? This sounds like a futuristic scenario of another unsettling Margaret Atwood's prophecy.




Many already have predicted the imminent end of humanity. They said that the Earth would tremble, that 3 days of complete darkness would come, they said someone would press the red button, they said – exactly, they said... who can say more?


/the title drawn from the piece "Klepsydra" from the record "Brodzenie" by Brzoska/Marciniak/Markiewicz

Galerie Miasta Ogrodów// City of Gardens’ Galleries

The Gallery where the exhibition will take place is located in Katowice City of Gardens building.

Katowice the City of Gardens’ Galleries

Katowice the City of Gardens Institution of Culture pursues its exhibition activity in its Galleries. The galleries in the seat of the institution, located at Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2 in Katowice, include:

Galeria Engram Gallery

Galeria Pojedyncza Gallery

Galeria 5 Gallery

Katowice the City of Gardens Gallery

Pusta Gallery

Katowice the City of Gardens Gallery is on the second floor of the institution. It is an exhibition space created in 2010, aimed at artistic activities connected with the participation of the city of Katowice in the competition for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2016. Initially, the gallery was located in Sienkiewicza Street. It was transferred to the present building of Katowice the City of Gardens in 2016. It is the flagship exhibition space of the City of Gardens, intended for widely understood contemporary art. It is especially meant to promote cutting-edge creative attitudes of artists of all-Polish and international renown who apply the traditional and – above all – new media in their expression.

More information about gallery and institution:

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