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Final Exhibition CreArt Residence in Kaunas. September - October 2019

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This year there are four artists participating in the international CreArt residence in Kaunas: Mia Matijević (Zagreb, Croatia), Isa Sanz (Valladolid, Spain), Hugo Paquete (Aveiro, Portugal) ir Mieszko Bavencoffe (Rouen, France).
This collective exhibition combines different artistic trends and means. All works are linked by the theme of human and his environment, which is conveyed from different perspectives. The questioning of social norms, the exploration of the relationship between human essence, nature and technology, and the combinations of reality are translated into sensual and expressive works of art.

> Mia Matijević explores the human gap between its essence and the modern concept of beauty.

> Isa Sanz perceives her work as a project of constant creativity and continuous movement, which enables her to explore his place in the world, to explore herself as a woman and as a human.

> Hugo Paquete in his theoretical and artistic research explores concepts such as space, noise, error, and failure as conceptual systems capable of creating dynamic audiovisual ecosystems in our exploration of the technocultural and post-digital world.

> Mieszko Bavencoffe’s artistic thought mainly refers to writing, drawing, installation or sculpture, but is also known as a painter.

CreArt collaborative exhibition confirms once again that the encounter of different cultures in the artistic space generates an outcome which transcends physical boundaries and combining different experiences creates a common artistic miracle here and now.

The works of residents, created during their stay in Kaunas, are exhibited at Kaunas art gallery “Ars et mundus” (Mapu str. 20 ) October 10 - October 23, 2019

The exhibition's opening: October 10. 5:30 pm, Ars et mundus gallery (Mapu g. 20, Kaunas)

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