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KALEIDOSCOPE III. Opening Exhibition Gobleni / by Filip Ivanovski Pepe (Skopje)

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Through the exhibition concept KALEIDOSCOPE III, Museum of the City of Skopje, continues to represent one of the basic priorities of CreArt - a presentation of local creative talents and artists, with their works behind which stand different cultural baggage and views. The third in a row realization of KALEIDOSCOPE III 2020. consists of the solo exhibition of Filip Ivanovski Pepe entitled GOBLENI in Gallery FLU-Skopje 30.09 - 04.10.2020. The visit to the exhibition will be part of the protocol for holding public events, with prior announcement, respecting the measures for maintaining physical distance and mandatory wearing of protective equipment.

FLU Gallery is part of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Skopje, Pedagogical building (Blvd. "September 8" No. 10, Skopje) From 2018. Pepe begins to develop works by intertwining plastic strips cut from mostly green plastic bottles with which he built surfaces and textures. He applied the same approach by cutting sheet metal packaging and cutting aluminum strips, while in combination with cement, molded styrofoam, processed plaster, painted objects and others. Ivanovski creates 7 stages under the title GOBLENI.

For the Author, society itself is a great work of art, a work in which each individual contributes creatively in his own way. For example, the collection of plastic bottles, which initially begins informally, until the perception of the way of things, when then the collection of bottles becomes a priority. Thousands of cut and intertwined bottles become the carrier material in the works, for which friends and the environment have a very big role, they were part of the process, continuously until the end.

Pepe through his imagination and spontaneity narratively leads us through the contents of: The first sin through the painted object Atanas and Slavica; Traces of some existence in the prints of Civilization I; Stories from our daily lives, lost control and values ​​in Lost Things; The New Era of Maintaining Relationships and Relationships through Chat; As spectators he places us above the "tall" buildings overlooking the Bird City; Traces of some future existence, intertwined and inserted in Civilization II; While in the end the attention is local and focuses on the social themes that mark a period, with not accidentally placed elements in the Coup D'état.

The opportunity that the City of Skopje, as a co-partner in the project CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation) co-financed by the program "Creative Europe" of the European Commission, created through the presentation of the works of young creatives from Macedonia. Once again with KALEIDOSCOPE III 2020, it was proved that creativity is an attitude and skill present in people, which can and must be constantly stimulated, enriched and upgraded.



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