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Valladolid selected for the annual awards of the European Network Eurocities in the category of cooperation through CreArt project.

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The city of Valladolid, through the European project CreArt, was recently selected by EUROCITIES and will compete together with Leeds (United Kingdom) and Vilnius (Lithuania), in the category of cooperation, within its annual awards, in Edinburgh, between November 28 and 30. The theme of this conference is 'Creative and competitive cities' and will be attended by technical and political representatives from more than fifty major cities across Europe. During the event, Valladolid and CreArt will participate in a panel discussion on creative initiatives and cultural projects in European cities with representatives from cities such as Bordeaux, Budapest, Glasgow, Frankfurt or Marseille.

EUROCITIES is the main network of European cities. It was founded in 1986 by the mayors of six major cities: Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam. Currently they are part of more than 140 cities in Europe and more than 45 partner cities, which among them govern 130 million citizens in 39 countries. Through six thematic forums, a wide range of working groups, projects, activities and events offer members a platform to share knowledge and exchange ideas.

CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, is a European network of 12 medium-sized cities, coordinated by the City Council of Valladolid (Liverpool -United Kingdom-, Genoa -Italia-, Clermont-Ferrand and Rouen -France-, Zagreb -Croatia-, Kaunas -Lithuania-, Aveiro -Portugal-, Skopje -Macedonia-, and Lublin and Katowice -Polonia). CreArt emerged as a project in Valladolid in 2012, in order to modernize the visual arts sector both local and European level, developing a new space for creation, based on the principles of interterritoriality and collaboration. The network has the support of the European Commission, and has been selected twice, through the Culture Program (2012-2017) and Creative Europe (2017-2021) to receive European funds and finance 50% of the program of activities.

The diversity of the CreArt network and the sum of the synergies are the sources of its strength. The work methodology developed since 2013 maximizes the benefits generated by the collaboration of public and private entities in cities, through a permanent and professional system of training and exchanges of cultural agents, the development of skills and the promotion of the art that has enabled : more than 300 artists and 30 curators have participated in the project so far; 26 AiR programs in 7 cities. CreArt AiRs, has been presented as an example of best practices in the "Policy Handbook on Residences of Artists" published by the European Commission in 2014; 5 European traveling exhibitions presented in 12 cities, with 100 artists and 5 international curators; 30 European events, including artists' workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings led by renowned artists, curators and experts from European universities; hundreds of activities related to the European Day of Artistic Creativity, launched by CreArt; coordination of the study entitled: "Contribution of Artistic Creation to local development".

These 6 years of CreArt have also served to contribute to social innovation, economic growth, image and the internationalization of our cities. Valladolid, leader of the project, highlights the impact on local management thanks to the experience acquired during these years; the enrichment of the local cultural offer through the artistic projects launched on the occasion of the European Day, such as the "Creators" and "Crea VA" exhibitions that have already become a recognized brand under CreArt, and the positive impact in the artistic community; Local artists are the main actors in the events organized by CreArt, which contribute to a creative atmosphere in the city. 30 Valladolid artists have participated in exchange activities in other European cities in this first edition of the CreArt project, and a hundred have collaborated on the different proposals of the European Day of Creativity in Valladolid.

CreArt has opened a common space for art in Europe, where citizens and institutions come together to cooperate, strengthening the cultural, economic and social life of its member cities.


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