08/2014 – senior curator in the Department of and Outsider art Collection
8/2018 - promoted to a senior curator
03/2008 - 01/2014 - curator in the Tošo Dabac Archives (MSU) - first maternity leave - 07/2009 - 08/2010; second
maternity leave - 02/2014 - 07/2015
02 / 2006- 3/2007. - internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Description of employment in MSU
In the Museum of Contemporary Art, I have completed a traineeship from 02/2006. until 03/2007. during which I
assisted in the documentation department and collaborated in exhibit projects and events organized by MSU.
During the internship, and for the needs of the exhibition, Vlado Kristl - Before Exile, "I studied the illustrations of
the Government of the Republic of Croatia, which was also the subject of my work for the professional
examination for curatorship.
I graduated in the professional examination for curatorship on 20.06. From 2008 to 2014, I worked as a curator in
the Tošo Dabac Archives, and since 2015 as curator of the Educational Department and curator of the Outsider
Art Collection. From the beginning I inventory the material, and I handle it in the M ++ program. Processing of
material means standard museum approaches to the processing of objects; attribution, file artwork, dimension
measurement, status description, technique description, and entry into the M ++ digital database.
During the work in the Tošo Dabac Archives I worked continuously on digitalization, preventive photo protection,
systematic processing of materials into the M ++ computer database, and I invented over 10,000 units.
After returning from another maternity leave, in August 2015, I started working at the curator site in the
Educational Department and after the reorganization of the Outsider Art Collection in March 2016, at the location
of the curator in the collection. Along with everyday contacts with the audience, I continue to work as a
coordinator and educator of professional guides, organize group visits, coordinate several ongoing educational
programs, and implement special and inclusive programs for people with disabilities. Along with colleagues from
the Department, I actively participate, develop and run educational programs with current exhibitions. Also, in the
S ++ computer program, I manage the secondary documentation of the activities of the Educational Department.
I have performed three art exhibitions of marginal art - Margareta Vidmar - " Jigsaw Puzzle " (2013), Melita Kraus
- " Mirror of Miraculous " (2017), and exhibition "Formula of the Senses - works from the Outsider Art Collection
and collections of Museum of Contemporary Art" (2018 .) that is set in the permanent display of Museum of
Contemporary Art. From the re-formation of the Outsider Art Collection (2016) I continue to work on the
popularization of Outsider art and collecting new works for the collection. From the year 2016 the works of Igor
Lasić, Darko Brajkovic, Melita Kraus and Stjepan Bukovina were donated to the Museum, which became part of
the Outsider Art Collection.
Other activities (selection)
I participated in the publishing activity of Museum of Contemporary Art, worked as organizer (with Marina
Benažić) on the Day’s of photography of Tošo Dabac (2008 - 2013), and designed and produced a series of
workshops and events organized by the Educational Department. I coordinate several ongoing programs within
the Museum of Contemporary Art and Educational Department (Zagreb Youth Theater, Performing Arts
Program, Children Meet Art ...) and group visits and workshops. I am conducting education for the training of
professional guides, and regularly participate in thematic and professional guides and interpretations of works by
permanent exhibition and occasional exhibitions. I'm conducting programs of inclusive / integration art workshops
and education through which, in cooperation with various rehabilitation centers (Children's and Youth Center Mali
centar, Rehabilitation Center Zagreb, Association Are you Syrious, Association of Blind Zagreb ...) work under the
slogan "museum available everyone ", and educating the children about how to approach people with disabilities
through art and visual expression.
I was a member of the organizing committee for the Day of Educational Department (2012), coordinator of two
Nights of the Museum (2016, 2017), organizer and coordinator of several events and projects of educational,
humanitarian and fun character (EMA - Educational Museum Action (2016, 2017). , 2018), Festival of Children's
Music Creation, programs related to International Family Day, International Day of Disabled Persons,
International Day of Down Syndrome ...). I participated in several professional conferences and held several
presentation in the country and abroad.
List of copyright exhibitions:
1. Margareta Vidmar – Jigsaw Puzzle, Museum of Contemporary Art - NO Gallery (06. - 22.09.2013.)
2. Melita Kraus - Miracle Mirror, Museum of Contemporary Art - NO Gallery (April 20 - May 7, 2017)
3. Formula heard - works from the Collection of marginal art and collections of Museum of Contemporary Art,
permanent exhibition of Collections on the move (April 6 - September 15, 2018)
List of co-exhibitions:
1. Tošo Dabac - Rijeka diary (expert conception: Jerica Ziherl, Marina Benažić, Vilma Bartolić, Daniela
Bilopavlović Bedenik), MSU - NO Gallery (23 February - 23 March 2010)
2. Tošo Dabac - Portrait of Artists, MSU - NO Gallery (01.04. - 23.04.2011.)
3. Tošo Dabac (U) face of Zagreb - outdoor exhibition, January 2013
4. Tošo Dabac: Bogumil Sculpture, Makova hiža, Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 22, 2013
5. Tošo Dabac – Streets of Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art - NO Gallery (30.10 - 30.11.2012);
Tošo Dabac - Streets of Zagreb / Another view, Art Gallery of BiH, Sarajevo (April 4 - April 20, 2013)
6. Tošo Dabac-Portraits of Artists (co-author of the exhibition), BOOKtiga Festival, Zuccato Palace Gallery, Poreč
(April 2013)
7. Tošo Dabac - Capture the Movement (co-author of the exhibition), Museum of contemporary art - NO Gallery
(November 22 - December 22, 2013)
Exhibition exhibitions (selection):
1. Tošo Dabac - Portrait of Artist, Museum of Contemporary Art - NO Gallery (2011)
2. Tošo Dabac – Streets of Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art art - NO Gallery (2012.)
3. Tošo Dabac – Streets of Zagreb / Another view, Art Gallery of BiH, Sarajevo (2013)
4. Margareta Vidmar – Jigsaw Puzzle, Museum of Contemporary Art - NO Gallery (2013)
5. Melita Kraus – The Mirror of Miraculous, Museum of Contemporary Art - NO Gallery (2017)
Exhibitions and actions organized by the Department of Pedagogical Activities (selection):
1. "Rhino " action - setting of the sculpture by Nosoroga, author Margarete Vidmar and users of the Day Center
for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth Mali dom, Museum of Contemporary Art (09.05 - 02.06.2013)
2. The "Passengers" action, by Margareta Vidmar and Exos Lucius Ido, moves to Museum of Contemporary Art
(January 31 - February 15, 2014)
3. Exhibition of "Francek's New Clothes" Exhibition and Presentation of the Collegial Wall Pimp my Pump,
Museum of Contemporary Art (27.01.2016.)
4. Exhibition of LIK – 2016, 2017 and 2018 - Exhibition of elementary and high school students in the field of
visual arts and design , Museum of Contemporary Art
5. A Socially Engaged Artistic Project "Those Who Sit With the Wolves" (02 - 14.12.2017), Museum of
Contemporary Art
Assistant / Associate / Curator of Coordinator:
1. Vlado Kristl - Before Exiles - Works 1943 - 1962 - Retrospective Exhibition, Art Pavilion in Zagreb (25 January -
18 February 2007) - Assistant
2. Edith von Welser-Ude, Animated Walls - Scenes from Life, Art Pavilion in Zagreb (09 - 25 March 2007) -
Conception of the Exhibition
3. Tošo Dabac - Another view, Gallery Forum (20.-30.11.2007.) - Assistant