Maja Flajsig was born on December 28, 1994 in Zagreb. She graduated from the Classical High School and then enrolled in Art History and Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities and social studies in Zagreb. She completed her undergraduate degree in 2017 and is currently completing her graduate degree in the same fields. During her studies, she received an Outstanding Performance Award. Since 2015 he has been exhibiting at international conferences of art historians and cultural anthropologists. In 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018, she gave lectures at the International Conferences of Art History Students in Split, Zagreb and Belgrade. In 2016, she organized the Fifth International Conference of Art History Students in Zagreb, and in 2017 she organized the Roaming Anthropology 8 Conference in Zagreb. In 2016, she participated in the production of the joint exhibition "The Initiation Process" at the Jedinstvo Gallery, Zagreb, as part of the activities of the Kulturflux portal, for which he has been writing since the same year. That same year, she set up an exhibition of "Unread Books" by Ivana Tkalcic at the Shira Gallery in Zagreb and coordinated the 5th International Congress of Art History Students. In 2017, she curated Jelena Petrić's exhibition "Aspirations and Substances" at the Oblok Gallery in Sesvete, the exhibition "The Center of Circumstances" by Tomislav Hršak and Vladimir Novak in the French Pavilion, Zagreb. Next year, she curates the exhibitions of "Maleni" by Marija Matic at the SC Gallery, Zagreb "Kozmospisi" by Dorotea Gašpar and Ana Jagić at the Captain's Tower in Zadar, the exhibition "Half of the Exhibition, Half of the Idea" by Dario Vuger at the Gray Gallery, Zagreb, curates a sculptural intervention in the State archives Garden in Zagreb, "Turquoise Harness" by Tomislav Hršak, curates the work of Ivana Škvorčević in the exhibition "Error" at the Academy Moderna. In the same year, she participated in the project 50/68 "Pictures of Utopia" by the HDLU and the Faculty of Philosophy, where she curates the artwork of Kata Mijatović. She participated in the Art Lab of the 34th Young Artists Salon with the artwork of Peter Popijač "YOU" and participated in the project "In the Mountains" of the HDLU, Faculty of Philosophy, Academy of Fine Arts and Shed im Eisenwerk Gallery, Frauenfeld in Switzerland. She worked as an assistant to curator Joseph Zanki at the exhibition "Omnia ab Uno. Artists as shamans and ethnographers", Villa di Toppo Florio, Buttrio. In 2018, she coordinated the international project "Spaces of Silence" of the Gallery 90-60-90 in Zagreb, as well as part of the project "Democratization of memory culture" led by Kristina Leko in Šibenik, and in the same year participated in "Watch What You Eat" at the CENKI Laboratory , and Pićan, where she shoots the movie "Landscape in a plate" presented at the Etnofilm Festival in Rovinj in 2018 and at the ETNOFF Festival in Skopje in 2018. In 2019 she curated the exhibition "Layering" of Ruzica Dobranic at the Crta Gallery in Zagreb. She is one of the curators of the exhibition "Endemico vs Global" at the Centro de ciencias de la complejidad, UNAM in Mexico City where she gave a lecture "Ethnographic Turn in Art Theory: potentials and opportunities of applied visual anthropology ”. In the same year, she curated the exhibitions "Dis +/- appearance of text by Irene Frantal at the CEKAO Gallery in Zagreb, the exhibition" Spaces between" by students of new media under the mentorship of Andreja Kulunčić in the gallery Prozori. She authored texts for the stone sculpture workshop in Brtonigla” and curated an exhibition of Mirela Kulović “I want to tell you something about the stain "in the Crta Gallery, the exhibition" Maja Gjajić "The Story of My Us" in the CEKAO Gallery and Jelena Petric exhibition "Prokrust's Placenta" in the Gallery VN. In the same year, she attended the Creart Curatorial Seminar in Genoa, held a workshop on visual anthropology "Recognizing Quatric" with the Vizantrop
Association at the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore Research, participated in the organization of the multidisciplinary congress "Cityscapes: Envisioning urban opportunities", attended erasmus + project of drywall building in Miers of the Rempart association, participated in the “Pilgrimage” project at Seckau of Next - Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst, and cooperated in the manifestation “Curicum vitae” of the Scientific Research Center for the Work and Popularization of Archeology. Since 2019, she has co-authored a project at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology "Community Arts: Deconstructing the Heritage of the Zemlja Group." She writes for the Kulturpunkt portal and Contemporary Croatian Photography and collaborates with the 90-60-90 Gallery, the Crta Gallery, the CEKAO Gallery and the Photography Office through the production of projects and workshops. She is one of the founders of the international association Vizantrop, which is active in the field of visual anthropology. She is a member of the association 4 grada Dragodid, which deals with the preservation of drywall heritage and is a part of the association Scientific Research Center for the Work and Popularization of Archeology.