Marta Alvarez is a cultural manager specialized on mediation. Graduated in Philosophy and a
Masters Degree in Art History, she is interested in new feminisms, institutional critique, free
culture and the local production from the periphery. She has developed curatorial works and
designing cultural projects; She has coordinated and taken part in collaborative and digital
projects. Nowadays She works as a Freelance Cultural Producer, she gives talks and workshops and
she participates in publications, always interested in the dissemination of contemporary culture
from a critical outlook.
- Graduate in Philosophy, University of Valladolid (UVA) 2006-2011
- Masters Degree in Art History, University of Salamanca 2011-2012: Contemporary Art
- Masters Degree in teaching education, UNED 2012-2013: Philosophy
Complementary Education (selection)
- “Journeys. Tools to activate local culture”, Transit Projectes, International Organism of Youth for
Ibero-America and Cyberpractices Foundation, 2017
- Museology Conference: “Museum, ¿decolonial warehouse?. Readings of the alien in own
museums”, ICOM España, 2017
- “History of Feminist Theory”, UVA, November, 2016
- International Workshop, “Ordinary Landscapes, Emergent Heritage: Landscape as a collective
creation”, Collaborative arts Partnership Program Network, AcVIC Centre & Hablar en arte,
October, 2016
- Seminar “Histories and Archives of the spanish feminist movement”, MUSAC, July 2016
- Workshop "Free Culture. Alternatives to copyright” Virginia Díez - Culturatorium, Association of
Cultural Managers of Castilla y Leon, November 2015
- Workshop "About working together: Learning how to resolve a conflict”,Arts Marketing
Conference, October 2015
- Courses and meetings of digital culture and social networks 2013, Buendia Center at the
University of Valladolid; 2013 MUSAC; 2014, National Museum of Sculpture; 2014 Contemporary
Art Museum of Castille and Leon (MUSAC)
- “Collecting and curating art workshop”, UIMP, Julio 2014
- Course "Professions 2.0: Community Management", UNED, July 2013, 20 hours
- Workshop on social media, "Specializing in social networks" run by Manuela Battaglini at the
UIMP, Santander, June 2013, 26 hours
- “Multiple Formats of Exhibitions management: Biennials, fairs, itinerants”, Plataforma/C de
Formación Cultural & Hablar en Arte, 2012, 25 h
- “Projecting Culture: The language of the media,” International Congress UNIV, Roma (Italia) 2006
Grants & Prizes
- Special Distinction at: High School, Graduate & Masters Degree.
- Erasmus Grant: Sorbonne-Paris IV University, Paris, France 2009-2010 (9 moths)
- SICUE Exchange Program: University of Salamanca, 2010-2011 (9 months)
- Scolarship researcher: Aesthetic, University of Valladolid, 2011-2012 (3 months)
- Author Prize, MAV (Women in Visual Arts Asociation) 2015
- Expanded Culture Laboratory Scholarship, PROCURA (Cultural manager Association from
Aragón) 2016