2016 accredited diploma in museum curatorship, Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb 2011 - 2012 Master’s (MA) degree programme in Art history, Leiden University, The Netherlands
2001 - 2009 Master of Art history and Archeology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb

Residencies and courses
2018 What Could /Should Curating Do – curatorial course, Belgrade (September- December),
Supported by Mondriaan foundation
2018 Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam – curator in residence (May-July)
2017 - Brashnar Creative Project, Skopje, Macedonia – writer in residence (September)
- Zvona i Nari, Ližnjan, Croatia – writer in residence (April)
2014 Camac, Centre for Art, Marnay Sur Siene, France – writer in residence (May) 2012 Verbeke foundation, Belgium – art historian in residence (September) 2010 - 2011 Curatorial platform, curatorial course, Zagreb, Croatia (November- February)

Professional experience in the institution or internship/ curator
2015-2016 July 6th 2015.- July 5th 2016, full-time
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia www.mmsu.hr 2011 May – November, part time- 60 %
Waag Society (Institute for Art, Science and Technology), Amsterdam, www.waag.org
2008 September – November
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, www.guggenheim venice.it
2008-2010 Matica Hrvatska Gallery, Zagreb
2006-2007 Museum Guide and associate of different museums in Zagreb (Klovićevi dvori, Arts and
Crafts museum, Museum of Contemporary Art) , part-time

Free- lance curator
2018 September 6th- November 10th (In)constancy of Space-Spaces of Narrative and Imagination, MLU, Osijek, www.mlu.hr
July 5th- July 22nd (In)constancy of Space-Spaces of Narrative and Imagination, HDLU, Zagreb, www.hdlu.hr July 18th- July 19th Het Wilde Weten outcome of the residency exhibition, Rotterdam February-June 4 months exhibition program The Story Within and Beyond, See Lab, cultural incubator, Den Haag, www.seelab.nl
2017 - Galery 90-60-90, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb
To the sea, a lake or another river, exhibition in collaboration with Sara Rajaei
- Diocletian’s Palace Basements, Split From an unknown destination to the rest of the world, exhibition of Sara Rajaei - St-Amanduskapel Campo Santo, Ghent Heading for the purple planet, exhibition of Annabelle Schatteman
2016 Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb / Kunstmuseum, Thurgau / Shed in Eisenwerk
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2016 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
(In)Constancy of Space- Struggle for Identity www.arti.nl
2010- 2014 Collaborations with HDLU (Croatian Association of Visual Artists), Zagreb:
2014 (In)constancy of Space, Ring Gallery, HDLU, Zagreb
2012 Labels of the Meaning of the Work of Art, PM Gallery, HDLU, Zagreb
2010 30th Youth Salon/Market, HDLU, all HDLU galleries (Association of Croatian Visual Artists),

Free lance art critic
2008 – present April 2008 – present
Art Magazin Kontura and cultural newspapers Vijenac, Zagreb
2013 February-May
Croatian Radio-television 3 (HRT 3), Zagreb

Artworks (literature and film)
1. Travka preko oblaka, a picture book for children, Semafora publishing house, Zagreb, 2018
2. The slightest trace of something, video installation, in collaboration with Sara Rajaei, 2017
3. More i zaustavljene priče, the collection of short stories, Croatian Association of Writers, 2016
4. The Motel in the Well, short film in collaboration with Sara Rajaei, 2016
5. Sjene sjemenki, the collection of poems, Croatian Association of Writers, 2015
6. Haljina Obscura, the book of poems, Central Croatian Cultural and Publishing Society, 2011, The winner of the first reward Zdravko Pucak for young poets
7. Ljudi bez parka, the book of short stories, Literary Association Knjigomat, 2009