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Valladolid (Spain) invites 3 artists from the CreArt Network and 2 artists from Valladolid to work for one month in Valladolid AiR in Lava (Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid) between 17 September and 20 October 2018.



We offer Artist in Residence for 5 visual artists from different artistic disciplines: 3 from the CreArt Network and 2 local artists from Valladolid. Artists should be born or resident – in any of the cities taking part in “CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation” (Valladolid - ES, Genoa and Lecce - IT; Liverpool - UK; Clermont - Ferrand and Rouen FR; Zagreb - HR; Kaunas -LT; Lublin and Katowice -PL; Aveiro - PT; Skopje - MK)

Preference is given to works with a wide variety and diversity from all fields of visual arts. There is no age limitation, yet it is necessary to have a degree in a field of art (university level). If the applicant does not have a university degree, proof of equivalent ability must be provided through his or her artistic career.


The organization will cover travel expenses to Valladolid (up to € 500) for artists from other CreArt cities, and will receive € 1,000, for subsistence costs, production of works and other expenses at the end of the residence. Artists in Valladolid will receive € 500 for production costs.

Artists must have a European health card or equivalent.


Artists from other CreArt cities will stay in individual apartments selected by the organization



The participant artists in the AiR Programme can work permanently in Sala 221, and from Monday to Thursday in Sala Blanca (this space should remain empty during the weekend) :

Images of the First CreArt AiR in Valladolid:


* Valladolid will provide a tutor to help the artists to install in the city (info about cultural institutions, events, useful places..) and the development and presentation of the project

* Valladolid will introduce the CreArt artists to the local artists’ community (in informal meetings, etc., where the artist will have the opportunity to present his/her work and art)

* The artists will have open days for visitors

* Valladolid will make a final public presentation of the artworks created during the residency and a video about the AiR will be edited and promoted

* Artists commit to attend daily and work in the residence.

* At the end of the residency, the artists should prepare a final report. This will include: title, project description, objectives and graphic dossier (minimum of 10 pages).




The following attached documentation is required in one document PDF:

• ID or passport (scanned copy); and cerificate of residence if needed

• A short version of your resume/CV (one A4)

• Documentation material recent and related to the project (maximum 5 pages and 5 pictures. You can include links);

• A short written project proposal (one A4).

Only applications with complete information will be accepted. It must be submitted before 22 July, 2018. Valladolid will inform all participants after 25 July, 2018, and the shortlist will be publish in the CreArt website.

The Participation in this call implies the acceptance of these bases, and the artists selected should include then in their CV and in all future communications (press, digital media), that they have been selected to participate in the CreArt Artist in Residence program in Laboratorio de las Artes - LAVA de Valladolid . CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, project co-funded by the European Union.



Valladolid, located in north-central Spain, it is the capital of the autonomous community of Castille and Leon. Valladolid is a welcoming city, socially cohesive and well integrated. Valladolid has a population around 309,000 inhabitants. Valladolid is an economic motor in the region, having an important automobile industry. At the same time, Valladolid is a city full of history and still preserves its old quarter, a heritage of aristocratic houses and religious buildings like the Cathedral commissioned by King Philip II in the 16th Century, the House Museum of Cervantes or the one of Christopher Columbus.

At present, the city’s most vibrant cultural sectors are visual and performing arts, cultural heritage and the audiovisual sector. Thanks to the work of the Fundación Municipal de Cultura – FMC (created by the Municipality in 1982), and the Department for Museums and Exhibitions for the last 20 years, Valladolid has become a reference as regards its cultural scene with a Network of public galleries, hosting high level exhibitions, a Museum of Spanish Contemporary Art and a lab of Arts and Center for Artistic Creation (LAVA).

The City of Valladolid through the Fundación Municipal de Cultura (FMC) and CreArt project sets up a new artist in Residence Programme that will take place in LAVA. This space for artistic creation, training and promotion of visual, performing and audiovisual arts, is located in the former slaughterhouse of the city, and was completely renovated in 2009, with a theatre, exhibition gallery, concerts halls, and polyvalent rooms for training and rehearsal.


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