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City of Skopje and Public cultural institution Cultural informative center (‘The Organisers’) are announcing an Open call for Artist in residence hat will take place in Skopje in Cultural informative center from 01 of june until 30 of June 2024.

This Artist in Residence program is within of framework CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, and it is consist of residence of 2 artits: one artist from the cities within CreArt. Network of Cities for artistic creation city partner and one artist form Skopje, to be selected through this Open Call.

The CreArt Artist in residence in Skopje will take place at public cultural institution within of framework of City of Skopje Cultural Informative Center, located in the city center in Skopje  from  June, 01th  2024  to June 30th 2024

The Open call will be open until 15 of April.


  • One Artists should be born or resident – in any of the cities taking part in CreArt: Kaunas, Liepaja, Aveiro, Valladolid, Lublin, Venice, Clermont-Ferrand, Rouen, České Budějovice, Oulu and Regensburg. Also are eligible artists members of HDLU (CRoatian Asociation of Visual Artists) and artists from Ukraine through our Asociated partner Lviv Artistic Council «Dialogue» . One artist should be born or resident  in Skopje – North Macedonia
  • It is preferable to have a degree in a field of art (university level).
  • Artists coming from the CreArt  network, except artist from Skopje must have a valid travel (health) insurance policy,  European health card or equivalent.



  • The organization will cover travel expenses and accommodation, for the artist coming from Creart Netwok, subsistence cost up to 400 euros and will be covered materials for production of a work maximum of 500 euro.
  • For the artist coming from Skopje The organization will cover local travel expenses and will be covered materials for production of a work maximum of 600 euros  
  • Each artist will receive 325 € as presentation fee for the exhibition.
  • The selected artist can use the space and equipment facility of Public cultural institution Cultural informative center.
  • At the end of the residence a exhibition of two artist with the art work made during the residence will be organize in  Cultural informative center.



The applicants must provide within a one document PDF:

  • ID or passport (scanned copy);
  • A short version of your CV and a full; portfolio with art works.
  • A short written project proposal (one side of A4).
  • Graphic documentation related to the project proposal

Online application form:

Deadline: Monday, April, 15 th, 2024.

Only applications with complete information will be accepted. The artist will be selected by the local curators.

All participants will be informed after 20th of April. The shortlist will be published in the CreArt website. 


The Participation in this call implies the acceptance of these conditions, and the artist selected should include then in their CV and in all future communications (press, digital media), that they have been selected to participate in the CreArt’s  Artist in Residence in Skopje as a part of  CreArt.Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, project co-funded by the European Union.


Cultural informative center (KIC) (,  Is a public cultural institution within of network of institutions founded by City of Skopje.

Within it’s  working activities more than half of the century Cultural informative center (KIC) daily continuous create cultural values, consumers, "addicts" of the created values, promotion and affirmation of Macedonian culture and art in Europe and in  the world of :

Music - on the stage of the first and only chamber space, the cult chamber theatre "Salon 19'19" and all over Macedonia and Europe, organized and coordinated more than 2 000: chamber concerts, recitals, jazz concerts, sound carriers...

Theater - on the stage of the cult chamber theatre "Salon 19'19" ac drama performances, comedy, monodrama,  children's drama studios, were happening .

Fine Art – Known as First  Art Gallery in Macedonia  where art exhibitions, performances, art studios, graphic atelier and many macedonian and foreign artist had exhibition .

"KUL-PARK" - numerous multimedia projects, performances, concerts.

Literature - the Macedonian, European, worldly written word:

theater poetry, dramatic recitals, publishing of new literary editions in their own production, meetings with authors, monodrama presentations, critical reviews for authors, works and / or related themes, artistic performances of parts of works, as well as direct dialogue with consumers of this kind of art ...

KIC organize also multimedia spectacles - cultural and historical manifestations - "DAYS OF YUSTINIAN", public debates and debates on current social trends, seminars, information and other multimedia and multicultural events. 





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