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CreArt Dual Exhibition in Rouen 2019: Dual Mural. Within Rouen Impressionnée

For the 2020 edition of the Dual Exhibition, the City of Rouen has planned a project in collaboration with its urban art festival Rouen Impressionnée (under construction from 1 to 15 June 2020). By this call for participation, the City of Rouen and Olivier Landes, curator of this festival, wish to invite a street artist from the CreArt network (born or resident in Valladolid – Spain; Genoa and Lecce – Italy; Clermont - Ferrand / France; Zagreb – Croatia; Kaunas –Lituania; Lublin and Katowice –Poland; Aveiro – Portugal ; Skopje - North Macedonia to come share a wall with a street artist from Rouen. This wall will take part of this 4th edition of Rouen Impressionnée.

Rouen Impressionnée is an exceptional street art exhibition in the city, completely free and outdoor, showing murals of local, national and international artists, invited to interact with the urban and social environment of their productions. More information:
This festival make it a point of honor to invest all the urban landscapes of Rouen, from brownfields to social housing, by way of patrimonial buildings. For this edition of the Dual Exhibition, it is in the semi-abandoned suburban area Les Contremoulins that the wall which will host the collaboration is located. This neighborhood has a history of hopes and misfortunes: it was first a slum in the post-war period. Around 1955, Abbé Pierre built there emergency shelters, which were destroyed five years later. In 1978, these pavilions are erected in the same place but the soil on which they are built is loose (sand), compromising their durability, since a demolition is planned 2022-23 according to Rouen Habitat, their owner.

The pavilion at disposal is composed of two perpendicular walls, one side will be dedicated to the CreArt artist, and the other to the local artist. Therefore, they will be offered to work on this unusual and unprecedented support - an entire house to cover - and to take inspiration from this particular environment, around the idea of intimacy for example, the specific architecture of this kind of building, the domestic life or even the social reality of this neighborhood.
During this period before the festival, around fifteen murals will be painted throughout Rouen (some of them in the district of Contremoulins), in a festival atmosphere allowing meetings of talented and heterogeneous artists from everywhere.

Technical elements
In the appendix, page 4, you will find an example of one of the pavilions. The size of the walls is approximately 3 to 5 meters high and 4 meters wide.
You will also find in appendix a map of Rouen with district of Contremoulins located.

Terms of participation
The cost of transport of the artist selected for this Dual Exhibition, the accommodation subsistence costs, as well as the painting for the production of the mural, are taken care of by the City of Rouen. The artist will also receive 1 500 € for presentation fees.

Interested artists should upload a portfolio ( PDF) with the following: 

- Scanned copy of id or passport

- CV and images of recent work

- note of intent of 5 to 10 lines


Only applications with complete information will be accepted. It must be submitted before 27 January 2020. We will inform all participants around 10 February 2020, and the selected artists will be published in the CreArt website.  The organiser’s decision is final and there is no appeal process.

The Participation in this call implies the acceptance of these conditions, and the artist selected should include then in their CV and in all future communications (press, digital media), that they have been selected to participate in the CreArt Dual Exhibition in Rouen as part of the CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, project co-funded by the European Union.

If you have any question you can contact or



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