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With Julie Tocqueville, in Porte 10 (Rouen)

Dual Air from 19/11 to 30/11

Dual exhibition from 30/11 to 18/01/2019

 Following the invitation of the City of Rouen, a collective of artists, called Nos Années Sauvages, and run by 2 artists and curators Sylvain Wavrant and Thomas Cartron, organize their 6th festival during the autumn 2018. Several exhibitions, theatre shows, residencies and short movies are planned in different places all over Rouen. All the events are focused on the topic of art & nature.

Within the framework of this festival, Nos Années Sauvages, the City of Rouen (France) and CreArt will organize a dual exhibition featuring the works of 2 artists: one artist from Rouen, Julie Tocqueville and one artist from a CreArt city partner, to be selected through this Open Call.

The CreArt dual exhibition will take place at the exhibition area- Porte 10 - belonging to the hospital center of Rouen, from November, 30th 2018 to January, 18th 2019. The opening is on the 30th at 6 pm.

Because it is at the very core of the existence of Nos Années Sauvages, the topic of the exhibition will be the link between art and nature, the figures of the wild, the animal, the vegetal, the mineral and how they echo our contemporary society.

The French artist selected by Nos Années Sauvages is Julie Tocqueville. The open call will select the artist dialoging with her artwork.

From the 19th to the 30th of November 2018, the two artists will work as a pair during a short residence at the Victor Hugo artistic lab, Rouen in order to create a “four hand” piece.

The exhibition in Porte 10 will therefore present their own existing works and also their collaborative work(s).

  • The curator: NOS ANNÉES SAUVAGES

Born under the impulse of Thomas Cartron and Sylvain Wavrant (one questions photography, the other taxidermy and suit) Nos années sauvages is a collective of young artists, thought as the encounter between disparate artists and as a platform for multidisciplinary projects.

Each of the projects supported by the organization carries its particular links with the animal and environmental thematic.

“The wild is a gesture, a walk towards our future, in our cities, in our regions. We are a pack in search of adventures or territories.”

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After decades of devotion to de-aestheticization, Julie Tocqueville is one of those artists who consider a work of art re-aestheticization through the renewal of the sensory experience. She belongs to this generation who attests to the fact that contemporary art has become an experimentations field and the object of one or several experiments. From the Latin experiri and Greek peiras, the word experience means a journey and a possible risk in which the limit is tested.

Julie Tocqueville involves us on this reality exploration based on the premise that every element of everyday life is a potential piece. Peculiar at first sight, Julie Tocqueville's proposals revitalize, enliven and sharpen our ability to experiment.

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  • The exhibition venue : Porte 10, Rouen

Since 2005, CHU- Rouen University Hospital has integrated a cultural policy within its settlement project in a logic of comprehensive care of the hospitalized person and the opening of the hospital. Featuring concerts, performances, residencies of artists within the care units, dance, reading, writing, theater, exhibitions, the cultural program of the CHU- Rouen University Hospital come changing our relationship to the hospital, to the hospital space.

With a program of five exhibitions per year, "Porte 10" exhibition space is located into the courtyard of the Hospital. This space aims offering visions from artists in connection with hospital themes. At the junction between the city and the hospital, between the inside and the outside, the "Gate" is a passing place between two states of body and mind, between two worlds, whether concrete or abstract, between the known and the unknown. Porte 10 is a place for everyone, open to all!


  • Artists should be born or resident – in any of the cities taking part in CreArt: Liverpool –UK; Valladolid – Spain; Genoa and Lecce – Italy; Clermont-Ferrand France; Zagreb (HDLU)– Croatia; Kaunas –Lithuania;  Lublin and Katowice –Poland;  Aveiro – Portugal;  Skopje – Macedonia
  • It is preferable to have a degree in a field of art (university level).
  • Artists must have a European health card or equivalent.



  • The organization will cover travel expenses, accommodation, transportation and insurance costs of the works.
  • The two selected artists will also receive 1000 € for subsistence costs, production of works and other expenses (in two payments: 50% on arrival in Rouen and the other 50% after the project)
  • Each artist will receive 300€ as presentation fee for the exhibition.


The applicants must provide within a one document PDF:

  • ID or passport (scanned copy);
  • A short version of your CV (one side of A4)
  • A short written project proposal (one side of A4).
  • Graphic documentation related to the project and works that may take part in the exhibition


Deadline: Monday, May, 14th, 2018.

Only applications with complete information will be accepted.

All participants will be informed after 28th of May. The shortlist will be published in the CreArt website. 

The Participation in this call implies the acceptance of these conditions, and the artist selected should include then in their CV and in all future communications (press, digital media), that they have been selected to participate in the CreArt dual exhibition as part of the CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, project co-funded by the European Union.



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