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“WEIGHTLESSNESS” will be presented KATOWICE from 23rd July to 12th September 2021.



Katowice, within the european project CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation – -, opens a new call to invite ONLY artists born or residing in OTHER cities participant in the CreArt project:

> Aveiro (PT)

> Clermont – Ferrand (FR)

> Genoa (IT) * artist should be under 35

> Katowice (PL)

> Kaunas (LT)

> Liverpool (UK)

> Lublin (PL)

> Rouen (FR)

> Skopje (MK)

> Valladolid (ES)

> Zagreb (HR)


(to participate in the Dual Exhibition “WEIGHTLESSNESS” that will be presented in Katowice.

“WEIGHTLESSNESS” is a dual exhibition because it hosts one (1) artist born or residing in Katowice too.




The organization (Katowice) will cover:

- installation, transport and insurance of artworks costs.

- costs of promotion and dissemination, including a catalogue.

- travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the foreign artist selected (on the occasion of the installation and opening of the exhibition - maximum 2 days).

- artists fees: each selected artist will receive € 800 (including taxes) for fees.



The following attached documentation is required in a single PDF document in the online application form:

• ID or passport (scanned copy) and/or any kind of document that proofs your connection to your CreArt home city;

• A short version of your curriculum vitae (maximum one A4 sheet)

• A brief written project proposal (maximum one A4 sheet)

• Graphic documentation related to the proposal and possible works that could be included in the exhibition.

Only applications with complete information will be accepted before 30th June 2021. If you have problems to upload the file in the web you can send it to 


The curator will examine each of the proposals presented, studying the quality, the feasibility of the same, and their adaptation to the concept of the exhibition and the room where it is presented.

The curator, with the collaboration of CreArt, will choose two artists, one from the City of Katowice, and another from the other cities of the CreArt network.

CreArt Katowice will inform as soon as possible the artist selected by email.

The names of the two selected artists (1 in “Rest of CREART Network” Category and 1 in “Katowice” Category; will be published on the project website.

The participation in this call implies the acceptance of these bases and the selected artists must include in their CV and in all future communications (press, digital media) that have been selected to participate in the Dual Exhibition in Katowice. CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, a project co-financed by the European Union. This commitment will be sent by written and signed.



As part of the artistic residencies co-organized by the City of Gardens, as part of the CreArt international cooperation program, we would like to invite artists using various media to interpret the leading theme of the planned exhibition - Weightlessness.

Weightlessness is simply a lack of external forces affecting the body. Balancing one another, the forces do not exert any pressure. Only the force of gravity operates then. It can be concluded that an object is weightless, even though it does have its unit weight. Consequently, it is in a constant state of free fall, lack of weight or contact with the forces, obtaining therefore a kind of lightness which, simultaneously releases it and, metaphorically speaking, suspends it in the environment.

Thus located object, devoid of its natural weight, is also deprived of contact with the ground, remaining in the state of peculiar suspension. Its trajectory in space can be interpreted in two ways: both as a release from forces operating on the body and a specific inertia. 

In this context, the duality and ambiguity of experiences to which object is exposed seems the most interesting. The states experienced and the accompanying emotions determine whether the state of weightlessness experienced by the body will be a successful existential or creative experiment or a specific trial - a test of character in unnatural and challenging conditions.

The issues thus outlined, rich in contradictory associations, may constitute an interesting area for creative interpretations and original visualizations.

Above all, we are open to bold, free and non-literal interpretations of the topic proposed. We are particularly interested in works created over the course of 2020, but we will also be happy to look at archival projects.






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