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Open Call EPHEMERA PHESTIVAL FOR CreArt ARTISTS / 17-26 September, Valladolid

Ephemera Phestival is the new action framed within the CreArt project, led by the Municipal Foundation of Culture of Valladolid City Council, which will take place between September 17 and 26 with the realization of different ephemeral artistic interventions in the public space.

The word ephemeral is used to refer to something of short duration. This word is the sum of the Greek words epi (around) and hemera (day), so it occurs around one day and does not exceed that time unit. That is, it begins and ends quickly, in a fleeting way.


The purpose of this call is the selection of up to a maximum of three artists who will intervene in the urban space with ephemeral interventions and site-specific installations in the public space. The call aims to:

● Offer local artists the opportunity to develop an artistic project in the urban environment

● Promote communication between artists and neighbors, creating a common space for meetings and exchanges.

● Promote and encourage creativity and the latest expressions of contemporary art.


Within the framework of this festival, we launch also a specifical Call for Ephemeral Interventions:  EPHEMERA

- It is understood as ephemeral street interventions both performing arts, visual or plastic including: theater, dance, performance, installations, video creation, music, graphic arts, muralism, as well as the crossing of any of these languages ​​within the same montage that interacts with the space or the public.

- Three proposals for artistic interventions will be selected, at the proposal of artists from Valladolid or the CreArt network. Projects can be presented individually or collectively. - Each project will receive € 600 in fees +until  € 700 in production (amounts with taxes included). For artists from other CreArt cities, travel expenses up to € 400 will also be covered - The final location of the selected proposals will be the decision of the organization. The intervention proposed in the project must be adapted to the spatial characteristics of each place and may not in any case imply an attack on the deterioration of the buildings, facilities or architectural and urban context of the area. Proposals that include discriminatory attitudes towards groups will be excluded.

- The materials, stability and firmness must be durable at least during the event period (actions and interventions must be carried out between September 17 and 26). The work must guarantee its self-sustainability, durability over time and its resistance to the elements, as well as respecting the environment.


Applications should be registered before Wednesday June 30 through the online form in the calls section of the web

Interested artists must attach a portfolio (only PDF document) with the following documentation and description of the proposal:

- Scanned photocopy of DNI

- CV - Concept and development of the project (maximum 5 pages), explaining  technique, materials and necessary equipment, execution and location proposal, and estimated budget

- Graphic material on the proposal and other previous works


Once the registration period is closed, the artistic committee of CreArt Valladolid will evaluate the proposals submitted based on the following criteria: creative and innovative proposal, technical feasibility of the project for its production, execution and sustainability, adaptation of the proposal to surfaces and spaces with different characteristics, integration of the artistic project in the space and participation of the community.

5. RESOLUTION AND EXECUTION OF THE ARTISTIC INTERVENTION The ruling will be made public before Friday, July 16 on the CreArt website, and all participants will be notified by email. One month will be available for the development and production of the final project in the location selected by the organization. The selected artists and / or groups will carry out the projects between September 17 and 26 once the final proposal has been approved and with all the necessary permits for its execution.

6. ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES The inscription in the call supposes the acceptance of the present bases, as well as the recognition of the organization for the resolution of any assumption not included in these. The omission of any of the requirements listed in the bases will automatically exclude the artist from the selection process

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