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Lublin invites 2 artists for creative work within the framework of the festival Open Form. Wilenska organized in cooperation with the Lublin Museum. The artistic residency, which will last from August 5 to 11, 2024, is carried out within the framework of the Annual Festival, which is part of the CreArt 3.0 project, co-financed under the European Union Creative Europe program.

The subject of the artistic interventions will be the market square on Wilenska Street, which is part of a residential complex designed by Oskar and Zofia Hansen in the 1960s. The architecture of the market is inscribed in its surroundings. It is somewhat neglected now, but it is where the life of the housing complex takes place, vendors offer a variety of food products, and the Housing Development Museum operates there. A cultural scene promoting both local and international phenomena also functions there. The market on Wilenska Street is slowly becoming Lublin's Kreuzberg, a hotbed of progressive activities at the intersection of activism and art, on the margins of official politics. It is a complex structure, a unique mosaic of problems, potentials and ideas. It is also in a transitional phase, between the legacy of modernism and an unclear future. We invite artistic persons from partner cities to co-create the festival program with artists from Lublin.

Who can apply
We invite visual and performing artists working in various fields of art and operating on the periphery of disciplines: painting, design, drawing, installation, text, photography. The resulting works may be collage, intervention, may assume work with the local community. The works can be created before or during the festival, their nature will be determined jointly in the course of curatorial discussions.

Artists born or living in one of the cities of the CreArt 3.0 network: Kaunas (Lithuania), Lipava (Latvia), Skopje (Northern Macedonia), Aveiro (Portugal), Valladolid (Spain), Venice (Italy), Clermont-Ferrand and Rouen (France), České Budějovice (Czech Republic), Oulu (Finland), Regensburg (Germany), members of HDLU (Croatian Association of Visual Artists), Ukrainian artists through collaboration with Dialog from Lviv.

Residency date and program
The artists selected in the open call will be invited to participate in an artist residency, which will last from August 5 to August 11, 2024. The festival will take place from August 9 - 11, 2024 in the Wileńska Market area.
The artists will be supervised by Marta Ryczkowska - PhD in art history, university lecturer, contemporary art critic, curator of exhibitions and festivals, educator, animator of cultural activities. Participants will be provided with all conditions to be inspired by the space of the estate, and the projects will be developed taking into account the specificity of the place and local identity.

Terms and conditions
The artist will receive an artistic fee of 700 euros (after signing a contract in advance).
The organizer will provide accommodation, a studio for creative work and the cost of materials.
The artist will cover travel costs on his/her own.
The artist must have a European health card or its equivalent.

Application documents

- ID or passport (scanned copy),
- short resume,
- current documentation related to previous artistic activity (no more than 5 photos),
- a brief description of the artistic project proposal (no more than half a page of A4).
To apply, artists should create an account and upload their portfolio through the CreArt project homepage ( ) and send the indicated documentation in PDF format to the indicated address:

Submission dates
Only full applications containing all the information mentioned above will be considered. Applications must be sent by July 3, 2024. Participants will be informed of the results of the call after July 5, 2024.
Please direct any questions to:

About Lublin
A medium-sized city in eastern Poland. It is a thriving scientific and cultural center. Considered a city at the crossroads of Eastern and Western culture, in the past it had an international character, with a large Jewish population living here. Lublin is home to numerous cultural institutions, museums and galleries, as well as non-governmental organizations that animate cultural life. There are large festivals such as Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, Night of Culture, East Of Culture – Different Sounds   and others. Lublin is competing for the title of European Capital of Culture 2029.


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