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CreArt Encounter: Urban Art Gallery. Artistic experiences in public space. Aveiro, 14th June

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Urban space is by nature a fertile ground for artistic expression. This is where is both the critical mass with
interest on creativity - potentiating the offer - and who enjoys it, in a conjugation between the artist /
creator and the audience / citizens. Urban space is also a privileged place for a community, assuming a
sense of a gathered inheritance of knowledges and of tangible and intangible testimonies that require a
constant molding, adapting and respecting between the legacy, the memory and the innovation
understood as agents of the dynamics and development of that same territory.
Currently, public art and urban art are highly expressive and produce a shocking reaction to the public,
proliferating in unusual places as well as in others that are properly planned, and also having the potential
to mobilize touristic flows and the capacity to generate new destinations. That causes new demands and
challenges to territorial management, reflects on the creative freedom and artistic innovation, and opens a
privileged field of experimentation on and in public space.
This point of contact between the artist [individual or collective] and the community, broadly understood as
representative of both the citizen and the entities that manage the territory, is the core motif of the CreArt
encounter to be held in Aveiro in June 2019.



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