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CreArt Local Seminar in Zagreb Opportunities for Visual Artists in the Cultural and Creative Industries

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CreArt Local Seminar “Opportunities for Visual Artists in the Cultural and Creative Industries” will be held on Monday October 21, 2019. within the broader educational program “Training for Visual Artists to Work in the Cultural and Creative Industries”

Seminar is designed for local artists, with the aim of gaining insight into job opportunities or business engagement in the creative and cultural industries such as the gaming, design, comics, illustrations and animations. Successful artists will talk about their path to their current jobs, the obstacles they face, but also all the positive aspects of their work, with an emphasis on advice and recommendations for artists looking to do the same job. In addition to the artists, the seminar will also feature directors from the creative industries, who will explain for what what jobs they hire artists, what they expect from them, and what kind of artists they look for and can't find, and what benefits they see when working with visual artists.  The seminar is held with the purpose of insight into practical examples that will serve to better position the visual artists in the art market and in the cultural and creative industries in Croatia and the world.

The seminar is being held in collaboration with the Algebra College and will be open to 100 spectators but will also have live streaming capabilities.

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