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Cult Seminar in Kaunas / Code of Creativity

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29 September 11:30 - 18:30

Menų Fabrikas "Potiomkinas"

We created the idea of ​​CULT by observing the constant need to reveal our creativity. In today’s world, creativity is being demanded more and more, but discovering it seems to be becoming a real challenge. Is it possible to learn creativity? How not to block it? Can creativity interfere?

???? We invited representatives of Lithuanian creative industries to the CULT seminar CODE OF CREATIVITY, looking at creativity from different perspectives. Speakers: LINA MASS ● How to get out of the creative pit? REMIGIJUS VENCKUS ● The phenomenon of photography JOLITA VAITKUTĖ ● How to miss everything JONAS LIUGAILA ● Rational creativity. Opposition to art JUSTAS ROŽĖNAS ● When creativity is hindered - communication of cultural events The event is free, but registration is required (seats are limited)


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