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Shortlist AiR Valladolid 2018

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CreArt has selected the following artists for the Air in Lava (Valladolid) between 17 September - 20 October:

Artists Selected:

-Hugo Paquete (Aveiro)

- Ivana Ognjanovac (Zagreb)

- Madeline Grammatico (Rouen)

- Miriam Navarro Prieto (Valladolid)



In 2013 she began Degree in Fine Arts began in  the UCLM of Cuenca, graduating in 2017. Between September 2015 and February 2016, she completed an Erasmus + stay at Southampton Solent University (United Kingdom). Participated in The Mid Year Show, curated by Kate Maple (Showcase Gallery) and Dan Crow (A-Space). Between October of 2017 and June of 2018 she studied the Master's Degree in Research in Artistic and Visual Practices of the UCLM in Cuenca. In February 2018 he joins the group [...] and in May he participates in the exhibition [...], which took place at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca. In the same month she exhibited with her master's group Cuerpos en caida libre, and wrote one of the critical texts of the catalog, published in June. In June, she presents her work for the Thesis of the Master "No me quedan euros para ver algo tan feo, using several characters to question the concept of genius from the performative conference. For the residence in the Lava, she proposes a performative conference putting in her mouth the instructions given to the slaughterhouse workers. 


Hugo Paquete (1979) is currently pursuing a PhD in Music Sciences. Music as Culture and Cognition, at the Nova University of Lisbon (FCSH / NOVA). He has a degree in Fine Arts (ESAD.CR, 2010) and a Master's Degree in Contemporary Art Creation, by the University of Aveiro (UA, 2014). He is a collaborator at the CESEM Research Center / Center for Studies in Sociology and Musical Aesthetics at the Nova University of Lisbon (UNL) and ID + / Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture (UA and UP). He was a resident artist at the ZKM / Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, IMA | Institute of Music and Acoustics, research in sound composition and sound spatialization. The proposed project is developed around concepts such as limitation, interaction, unpredictability, and radiation: act on the extrapolation of scientific and technical realities and underline the cognitive phenomena around the use, using the territory and the local light radiation as a notation system to rethink the compositions, the immateriality of the sound and the process in the musical composition. The contingency of the piece is based on intangible visual and sound phenomena, such as sound recordings of electromagnetic fields, produced by local light. The objective is to develop an audiovisual composition manipulated in real time with a solar panel, which reacts in real time to the light frequency of the audio and visual material documented.



Ivana Ognjanovac is an independent fine arts professional with a master degree in painting. Since 2008 she has been a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU) and since 2014, member of the 22C ICAA (22C International Creative Artists Association). She is exhibiting her work at solo and group shows inland and abroad, since 1999. She has carried out two projects within residential programs: 'Inside Zone' in Borsec, Romania in 2015, and 'Paradis' at CreArt's residence in Kristiansand, Norway, in 2016. In 2012 she was awarded the 1st Prize of the Triennial of Self Portrait in the Prica Gallery, Samobor. She lives and works in Zagreb.

Her drawings are reflecting on the feeling of discomfort and shame linked to physicality and childhood trauma. She uses simple tools as chalk, charcoal, pencils. Interior and exterior surfaces, walls, floors, are a suiting location to draw on. The idea is having passangers walk on the drawings or pass them by and let the drawings fade and be 'deleted' through fracture and weather conditions.


Madeline has studied at the École Supérieure d'Art d'Avignon and École Supérieure d'Art et de Design Le Havre Rouen, between 2012 and 2018. Her artistic practice begins with painting. Painting is a material and a virtual space. A space where everything is possible. Traditionally, gesture and recovery work on the surface and produce forms and not forms. This has led her to think about the relationship between the surface and the image it produces. Madeline is interested in how the image influences the surface and how the surface shapes the image. What led her to conceive the painting as a volume and be interested in the matrix, the mold and the reproducibility. Her research is driven by a dynamic of experimentation in the different senses of «Reproduction» (reproduction, duplication, image). In the French language this term is used in biology in the arts, in technology, in demography, and in the social. Her reflection deals with the differences and similarities between reproductions and printing. For this residence, she would like to continue a project that has not yet been completed: make multiple mold paints.


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