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14 participants have been selected by the coordinators Kristian Kozul and Lea Vene from the artists' workshop "The use of photography as a sculptural material in Contemporary Art" to be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb between October 17 and 20: Xu Moru (Aveiro) ; Barbara Andrez (Aveiro); Zachary Mitlas (Clermont Ferrand); Stefano Bucciero (Genoa); Anna Maria Kasprzak (Katowice); Indre Urbonaite (Kaunas); Audrius Kriauciunas (Kaunas); Tommy Husband (Liverpool); Marta Zgierska (Lublin); Simona Mancheva (Skopje); Ismael Garcia-Herrero (Valladolid); Petra Mrša (Zagreb); Ivana Tkalčić (Zagreb); Tjaša Kalkan (Zagreb)

Academic sculptor Kristian Kožul and curator Lea Vene will lead the workshop.

An awarded artist with international recognition, Kristian Kožul studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and graduated from the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. In his sculptures, objects and installations he challenges the traditional sculpting medium and often uses photography in sculptural works.

The educational aspect of the workshop will be focused on learning about contemporary and multimedia art. It will problematize the relationship between photography and sculpture, i.e. the use of photography as a sculptural material.

The first part of the workshop will provide an overview and categorization of various art practices that involve this kind of artistic expression. The overview will be organized in collaboration with the curator Lea Vene, covering the span of several generations of artists whose work includes the use of photographic material. The participants will learn about the works of artists of older and middle generation, such as Isa Genzken and Urs Fischer, and younger generation of artists such as the Pakui Hardware and Anouk Kruithof tandem.

In the second part, the participants will elaborate on the concept of individual works. They will make models and scale models of works and participate in group and individual discussions about the possibilities of using photography in their own works, led by Kristian Kožul, who has also used this contemporary art practice in his recent work. 


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