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CreArt Workshop with Katarzyna Kozyra in Lublin

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The following artists from the CreArt cities have been selected to participate in the workshop with Katarzyna Kozyra, celebrated in Lublin between 28-30 November

- Ivana Tkalčić- Zagreb
- Tea Ivković - Zagreb
- Mieszko Bavencoffe - Rouen
- Garance Alves - Clermont-Ferrand
- Olivia Matni - Aveiro
- Kamila Czosnyk - Lublin
- Katarzyna Rymarz - Lublin
- Fabio Tasso - Genova
- Goce Ilievski – Skopje

Municipality of Lublin invites artists born or resident in any of the cities taking part in “CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation” project to participate in the three-day KATARZYNA KOZYRA ARTISTIC WORKSHOP in Lublin. It will be an inspiring meeting with the Artist sharing specific experience, style of work and areas of interest. Kozyra will ask the participants to conduct peer-to-peer interviews, which results will be the starting point for discussion on form and context as well as on the variety of visual solutions.

Photographic report by Marcin Pietrusza

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